To amend the national title of the Keeper of the Memorial Gardens of Treji, from a Navarr national title to an Imperial Orc national title. To be appointed by the Imperial Orc senators, revocable by the Imperial Orc national assembly. Let this stand as a gesture of friendship between our peoples. Together we liberated Hercynia, at great cost. Duty brought them to the field. Honour led them into battle. Virtue and friendship remembers them.
Proposed by Hercynia, seconded by Skarsind.



  • Summer 382YE


  • Pending scrutiny, the title will be appointed by the Imperial Orcs senator.
  • Again pending scrutiny, it is likely that the incumbent will retain the title until they die, step down, or are revoked.
  • This motion is only constitutional if it is now revoked by the Imperial Orcs rather than the Navarr national assembly.