To repurpose the Imperial breadbasket so that it will supply free food to people not in an army in the Mournwold.

Proposed by Bregasland, Seconded by Skarsind.


  • This motion was to provide support to the people of the Mournwold.
  • Passed


  • Summer 381YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The entire function of the Imperial Breadbasket has been changed to "provide food for the people of the Mournwold."
  • Until this motion is abrogated, the great work provides no funds to farmers in the Marches.
  • Furthermore the granaries will have no effect to reduce the effects of natural decay on the armies of a single nation as detailed here.
  • Changing the purpose of the Imperial Breadbasket to supply food to the Mournwold takes three months. If the motion is abrogated, the additional money for Marcher farms would be restored immediately. It would take a further three months to restore the ability to reduce the effects of natural decay on a nation's army. For example, if the motion were abrogated in Spring, the Marcher farms would receive their share of the great work monetary bounty at the Summer event, but the effect of natural decay would be suffered by all armies in the meantime.