This page currently lists all the details that are specific for our fourth Empire event - the Autumn Equinox 2013. There is an additional page with event information which lists arrival and departure times and similar details that are common for all Empire events.


At the Autumn Equinox we will be running two large battles, one 11:00 Saturday morning and one 11:00 Sunday morning, along with a large number of smaller encounters. The large battles will follow the normal rules for battles; you may only participate in a single battle as your character and you must monster the other battle if you decide to participate in one.


Players are welcome to volunteer to help PD crew the smaller encounters, but are not obliged to do so - anyone who volunteers to help by monstering an encounter will receive a token that enables you to collect a free drink from the bar as thanks.

Site Map

Site Map

The map shows the layout of the OOC camping fields and the IC area. The grey lines in the in-character field are roads that go through the camps. These roads will be laid out with fencing pins and nylon rope until the start of the event. You must not pitch your tent in the road, the red hats are under instructions to move any tents pitched in the IC roads.

No cars are allowed in the IC camping area at this event - they may only use the road indicated by the grey line that circles around the field. The road will be wide enough for you to pull up and park so that you can unload your vehicle next to your camp. Please unload your camping equipment and then move your vehicle to the car park before putting up your tent to allow other players to unload.

If you have a trailer or a large vehicle such as a minibus then you may drive that on to the field to unload. To do that you must wait at the IC entrance to the field. A member of the PD security team will then escort you vehicle to your camp where you can unload your vehicle. Once you are ready to move your vehicle to the car park you must request a member of the PD team escort your vehicle off the field.

OOC Camping

The OOC camping area will be laid out in lines with fencing pins and nylon rope. The system is designed to separate the tents from the cars so the rope has signs hanging from it which indicates that you should park you car adjacent to the rope and then pitch your tent on the other side of the rope.

Do not pitch your tents in the wide lane between the guide ropes, this lane must be kept free for access.


The following traders have booked for the event.

Battle Ready

Hand crafted leather goods.

Chows Emporium

Costume, leather gloves, products related to drinking and accessories.

Coelred Monger

Suppliers of replica costume and artefacts.


Leather Stuff.


Weapons and armour.

Evenlode Studio

Evenlode Studio supply a wide range of props and costume. These include all kinds of leather armour and costume, masks suitable for Empire, natural accessories and much much more.

Gem’s Trading Co

Costumes and leatherwork. Fine quality tailored garments and LRP props. Also a wide range of hand made leather items and missile weapons supplied by Arrow Kaster available to order.

Grand Expedition

Costume and jewellery and trips to foreign parts.

Having A Larp

Costume, weapons, armour and LARP accessories.

Light Armouries

Supplier of latex weapons and props.

Mandala Studios

High quality latex prosthetics and masks tailor made for the Empire campaign.

Millstream Forge

Metalwork - located next to Skian Mhor.

Romany Robes

A range of beautiful costume at reasonable prices.

Saxon Violence

A wide range of weapons suitable for Empire.

Skian Mhor

Latex Weapons and props. Costume, armour, leatherwork, chainmail, tents and all types of LRP supplies and essentials.


Beautiful weapons and shields that are perfect for Empire.

Velvet Glove Costumes

Costumes, make-up, prosthetics, jewellery with more to come!

Warriors Wardrobe

A wide range of costume made for Empire.

White Rose Apparel

Beautiful armour.