Bringing in the Sheaves by Jim Boyes

A great version available on "Funny Old World" by Coope Boyes and Simpson.

Harmony recording sung by Glasgow Madrigirls: Media:bringinginthesheaves.mp3

Solo Youtube version.

Sheet music available here

Though it's way past harvest time Some still toil and work and wagons rattle Corn still stands in rank and line And defies us all We can see it in our past Blood will out and joy will battle Though we work in different ways we're bringing in the sheaves

(Chorus) - Bringing in the sheaves, we're bringing in the sheaves. Though we work in different ways we're bringing in the sheaves

Though we started from the land Some of us do roam abroad The hand upon the gliding plough is not for everyone Changing seasons help us see Those who hear a different drummer Though not in one harmony, we're bringing in the sheaves


What lay dormant in the soil Is wakened by the kiss of summer So the fruits of yesteryear become the years new corn Every stem has at its core, part of those who went before In turn they will be kept in store by bringing the sheaves


In conclusion bear in mind What example has begun What today you do in kind has power for everyone True strong aims will pass along To your daughters and your sons So may they in years to come be bringing in the sheaves