ItemPowerMonthsGreen IronOrichalcumTempest JadeWeltsilverAmbergeltBeggar's LyeDragonboneIridescent GloamingTotal
Litany of the LabyrinthA member of the sect will never become a ghost, herald, eternal, or conscious unliving creature. If they are the target of Whispers through the Black Gate or a similar effect, they will appear calm and aware that they are dead. When any member of the sect is terminal or dying, they may roleplay stoic acceptance rather than roleplaying being in pain.2000000000
Wayfarer's PyxWhen your sect cooperates in the use of a religious skills, the final strength of the ceremony is increased by one, provided one of the participants is wielding this item.100000010010
Bishop's ChaliceIf a member of the sect with the dedication skill uses this reliquary in a consecrated area as part of a religious ceremony then after ten minutes of appropriate religious roleplaying any member of the sect who was present throughout may regain all their spent hero points. You may only gain this benefit once per day - any additional uses of a Bishop's Chalice after the first have no affect on you. This ability cannot be used on a battlefield or in a similar stressful environment. You cannot benefit from this item if you are under an effect that prevents recovery of hero points overnight (such as Dreamscape of the Endless Hunt and similar curses).15700009021
Almery of SilenceThe aura of every member of the sect is concealed from the insight ceremony. A character responding to a quick insight must respond "my aura is concealed" and provide no other information.105700711030

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