A Bishop's Chalice most often takes the form of an ornate goblet, although versions in the shape of bowls or basins are not uncommon. Regardless of the precise shape, it is generally kept full of liquid - purified water, fruit juice, and spirits are all popular choices. It can be used by a priest familiar with the ceremony of dedication to reach out to members of their sect and inspire them with a renewed sense of purpose. In the process of invoking a Bishop's Chalice, both the priest and the members of the sect must be in a consecrated area. In places such as Anvil the Chalice is typically kept in a carefully consecrated shrine, sometimes on open display and sometimes secured in a locked chest. During use, the Chalice is used as part of a sermon - and indeed many sects use their Bishop's Chalice in all ceremonies, especially ceremonies of anointing.

This item obviously takes its name from the League, where it is associated with both wealthy sects and religiously-minded Free Companies. The other nations tend to have their own names for this reliquary, such as the Stormcrow's Bowl in Wintermark or the Troubadour's Goblet in Dawn, or a Font of Purity in Highguard where it often takes the form of a shallow bowl used for ceremonial washing. Not all nations are equally likely to craft this item in the form of a cup, however. In Urizen an Illuminated Flame more commonly takes the form of a brazier or lantern in which an eternal flame or beautifully crafted lightstone burns eternally. In Varushka, the reliquary is much more likely to take the form of a sculpture or triptych representing virtuous animals of particular significance to the sect which is used to illustrate parables and stories told during religious services.


  • Form: Reliquary. Takes the form of a ceremonial reliquary.
  • Effect: If a member of the sect with the dedication skill uses this reliquary in a consecrated area as part of a religious ceremony then after ten minutes of appropriate religious roleplaying any member of the sect who was present throughout may regain all their spent hero points. You may only gain this benefit once per day - any additional uses of a Bishop's Chalice after the first have no affect on you. This ability cannot be used on a battlefield or in a similar stressful environment. You cannot benefit from this item if you are under an effect that prevents recovery of hero points overnight (such as Dreamscape of the Endless Hunt and similar curses).
  • Materials: Crafting a Bishop's Chalice requires seven ingots of orichalcum, five ingots of green iron, and nine measures of dragonbone. It takes one month to make one of these items.