Perhaps the simplest of the reliquaries, a Wayfarer's Pyx is constructed from dragonbone, to capture and enhance the spiritual energies of the sect to which it is bonded. In some parts of the Empire, the Wayfarer's Pyx is called a Dragonbone Reliquary. It usually takes the form of a round box decorated with symbols important to the sect. It is often used to protect communal liao supplies, or to contain relics or writings of profound importance to the sext. Although it is commonly a box, a Wayfarer's Pyx might be formed from any object that has spiritual significance to the sect to which it belongs.

As with all reliquaries, the Wayfarer's Pyx is bonded to an entire sect of the faithful. It is often the subject of a Hallow ceremony, especially one that exemplifies or underlines the purpose or philosophy of the sect. Its powers are modest; in many ways its primary value is as a physical symbol of the shared beliefs that tie the members of a sect together. Still, the ability to create more powerful durable auras, to empower a difficult exorcism, or to create a potent testimony, is not to be underestimated.

When the Pyx is used, it is common for the priests involved in the ceremony to use liao that has been stored within. While this does not directly enhance the power of the liao, it can serve to symbolically remind the sect of their mutual bond.


  • Form: Reliquary. Takes the form of a ceremonial reliquary.
  • Effect: When your sect cooperates in the use of a religious skills, the final strength of the ceremony is increased by one, provided one of the participants is wielding this item.
  • Materials: Crafting a Wayfarer's Pyx requires 10 measures of dragonbone; It takes 1 month to make one of these items.