To commission a Great Work in Old Ranging in Hercynia for the production of mana. To be known as ‘Llafndrián’ the blade of thorn. The spiral of this work will include stones to those who had the courage to give their lives in the defence of others. Self-funded, priced at 40 wains of mithril and 10 thrones. Let this Great Work stand as a reminder that the Empire stands united, even in the darkest of days. A gesture of goodwill from Achilles of Damokan’s Forge to the Navarr.

Proposed by Hercynia, seconded by Miaren.



  • Spring 382YE


  • Standard costs apply.
  • 40 wains of mithril.
  • 10 Thrones in labour costs.


  • 40 wains of Mithil and 10 Thrones received from Rhisiart Dancewalker after the Spring Equinox 382YE.