To create a ministry to be located in Crown’s Quay in Necropolis, to take advantage of the Kruidenkenner offer of Cerulean Mazzarine. This will take the form of a warehouse and will be auctioned via the Bourse, this auction shall take place in Spring. The ministry requires 8 wains of weirwood and 16 crowns for construction.

Proposed by Necropolis, seconded by Casinea.



  • Spring 382YE


  • This ministry uses non-standard costs.
  • 8 wains of weirwood
  • 16 crowns labout costs


  • 8 wains of Weirwood and 16 crowns received from Thanmir Hrafnar after the Spring Equinox.

Campaign Outcome

  • When complete, the ministry creates an Imperial title, Kruidenkenner Trademaster, appointed by public auction through the Imperial Bourse.
  • The Senator has requested that the ministry be called "The Kruidenkenner magazijn".
  • The motion requests that the standard appointment of the title take place in Spring; the Civil Service will take this request into consideration,
  • If the Spring appointment is set, the first auction will take place after the commission is completed for a short term.
  • While the Civil Service have agreed that it is appropriate for this ministry to be appointed in Spring, it is not possible for the motion to stipulate that.