To construct a Great Work in Casinea to enhance the production of mana. To be known as ‘Lorenzo’s Legacy of Prosperity.’ At a cost of 40 wains and of mithril and 10 Thrones to be funded by Lorenzo ‘La Volpe’ and the Bloody Butchers Guild of Temeschwar. Centres near Long Tom’s Brewery in Anvil, this will recognise how Long Tom Goodfellow, Exemplar of Prosperity, provides inspiration for the Butchers Benevolence and will inspire virtuous pilgrimage along the Blood Red Roads..

Proposed by Reikos, seconded by Casinea.



  • Winter 381YE


  • 40 wains of Mithril
  • 10 Thrones
  • 3 months to complete


  • 40 wains of mithril and 10 thrones provided by Lorenzo “La Volpe” Macelliao von Temeschwar after Winter Solstice 381YE.


  • Created a great work in Casinea.
  • The great work provides 37 crystal mana each season, spread amongst those citizens of Casinea who own a mana site.