I am Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi. This season the Koboldi will be working on the Runic Hearth of Adamant.

This will be a door at the bottom of Lorenzo's Deep Pockets to prevent trogoni amassing an army to threaten Hahnmark, Temeschwar, Upwold and Miaren.

This will cost 10 mithril, 25 green iron and 25 orichalcum. The resources will be provided by Torbrytan Dunning, Delver of the Depths, and Brianne Stormborn

Announced by Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi


  • Commissions a ward against the trogoni as detailed in the Stone and stone wind of fortune.
  • This construction does not count towards the limit on commissions.
  • Announcement


  • Winter 383YE


  • Non-standard costs apply
  • 10 wains of mithril
  • 25 ingots of orichalcum
  • 25 ingots of green iron


  • 25 ingots of green iron, 10 wains of mithril and 25 ingots of orichalcum provided by Tobrytan Dunning after Winter Solstice 383YE


  • Once completed the seal will need to be installed in the sinkhole