There it was again. A soft tapping noise... three times, in a short staccato beat. She definitely wasn't imagining it.

She put the jar down and cocked her head on one side to listen. Nothing... and then... There it was again! It was louder this time, or maybe it was just because she was paying attention.

It seemed to be coming from the north wall. Cautiously she moved towards it and somewhat tentatively placed her ear against the smooth stone. She held her breath for a few moments before her patience was rewarded. The same tapping noise, but five times this time. Two short and three long.

She stood there wondering what on earth could possibly be causing the noise before realisation dawned. She kicked herself for being as foolish - of course the wall wasn't making a noise! Someone was obviously tapping on the other side.

It was bitter cold out, so she grabbed her shawl, the red one her cousin had woven for her as a wedding present, and wrapped it round her shoulders. Then she stormed out of her shop, determined to see who it was that was messing about. If this was Lunt's snot-ridden children messing about again, they'd be getting a flea in their ear and no mistake. Lunt's children were old enough to swing a sword now, they should be training hard, not messing about outside her shop!

It wasn't Lunt's kids. Well... not unless one of them been afflicted by some terrible curse and turned into a lizard thing. Given Lunt's eldest had a face like a squashed pumpkin and a temper like a raging ancestor arguably this might be an improvement. But no... this creature was not him.

It was short, barely up to her shoulder, but squat and muscular. Every inch of it that was visible was covered in bright scarlet scales and it had some kind of blood red crest that ran from its head of jet black hair down to its flat nose. Despite its strange appearance it was dressed like in a long tunic with a heavy leather apron over the top. It had a large pointed ear pressed against the wall which it was softly tapping on with a small brick hammer.

Her wall she reminded herself. She'd bought this shop from a Wintermarker and paid a fair price for it. It was her shop now so that was her wall. She put her hands on her hips and coughed loudly "What are you doing?" she asked in a tone that was polite but made clear that she would brook no nonsense.

The creature turned to face her with what might have been a guilty look. It was impossible to tell. Its lips spread into a wide grin revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. If that was meant to be ingratiating it was not working.

"Survey" it said in a surprisingly baritone voice for such a small creature. "The Delver in the Deeps is enamoured of your beautiful town. He has commanded us to survey every stone... to hear what they have to say." It held up the brick hammer as if to demonstrate that this showed the truth of what it was saying.

She pursed her lips and considered giving the creature a piece of her mind, but then she remembered something Jarrak, the old thief taker always said, about being open for business but closed for trouble. "Fine!" she announced. "But you mark my words" she said, wagging her finger at the strange creature. "If there's any funny business I'll bring the thief takers down on you and your Delver." Before he could answer, she spun on her heels and started back towards the door. "Open for business - closed for trouble" she told herself again and she made a mental note to go and see Jarrak as soon as the sun went down. Best he know what sort of trouble was in town.


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Sometimes, it may seem a little peculiar that King Adamant has only actually been actively involved in Imperial affairs for four years. Yet since his koboldi servants helped repair the Castle of Thorns in the Winter of 379YE, at the behest of the Auric Horizon of Urizen, the Summer eternal has been conspicuously active in offering aid to citizens of the Empire prepared to work with his peculiar little heralds.

As well as supporting miners, and helping to rebuild the devastated fortification in Semmerholm into the marvellous Adamant Gate, the eternal offered an opportunity to build a special College of Engineering and establish an Imperial citizen as the Master of the Koboldi. Construction on the college is now complete, and the first Master is due to be appointed by the Imperial Conclave during the Winter Solstice. Perhaps it is this as much as the plenipotentiary sent by the Summer Archmage that has set Adamant's mind on ways that he might further assist his Imperial friends.

Over the last several months, bands of koboldi have been enthusiastically popping all over the Empire to peer at things, tap them with hammers, measure them, and ask wide-eyed but surprisingly specific questions of local citizens. As the Winter Solstice gets closer, the koboldi reveal the fruits of their busy months of labour: a series of proposals for ways the Granite Throne might help the Empire to build new architectural marvels.

The heralds of the Stone Monarch have also mentioned that their master intends to send an emissary to speak to the Master of the Koboldi, and the Archmage of Summer, once the Declaration of Candidacy has been completed; you can learn a little more about this in the Impossible landscapes Wind of Fortune.

By Order of the Master

  • Adamant presents opportunities to commission unique structures in the Empire.
  • These opportunities can (currently) only be undertaken by the Master of the Koboldi
  • The normal rules about making progress on a commission apply
  • Many of these projects do not use standard materials
  • The opportunities presented will be available to the Master of the Koboldi for the foreseeable future, unless there is a significant change in circumstances

Only the Master of the Koboldi - once they are appointed - can commission any of these structures. The opportunities presented by the koboldi require the involvement of the heralds and their eternal monarch. While the Imperial Senate could most likely duplicate some of the effects using an appraisal, others are entirely dependant on the involvement of the Summer realm. Likewise, no Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave can enlist the labour of the koboldi, and even the Arcane Architect and the Crystal Architect of the Spires cannot work adamant nor wield the magical dominion over stone that the koboldi enjoy.

However, Adamant has placed no time-limit on the availability of his koboldi. The opportunities presented will be available to the Master of the Koboldi for the foreseeable future, unless there is a significant change in circumstances. The most likely reasons for the opportunities to lapse would be if the Imperial Conclave declares Adamant an enemy of the Empire; if the Imperial Senate abrogates or amends the powers of the Master of the Koboldi; or if the College of Engineering in Temeschwar is no longer in Imperial hands.

It's also worth noting that while the Master of the Koboldi can only commission one project each season, they don't have to wait for one to finish before they can commission another one. There are, after all, a lot of koboldi. Once work begins, the usual rules regarding a commission apply - anyone can contribute materials toward their completion (using the downtime system). And unlike more traditional commissions, these opportunities use materials significantly more diverse than mithril, white granite, or weirwood.

The Delver in the Deeps loves gold, silver, and precious gems of every kind. He has little interest in rings, crowns, and thrones, but the things he does like can usually be purchased on the open market. As such, the monetary costs of these commissions represent the need to buy treasure for the King Under the Mountain, rather than labour costs.

Tower of the Dragon

  • The Master of the Koboldi can commission an official residence for the Archmage of Summer
  • The cost would be 15 wains of white granite and 30 crowns in treasure and gems
15 ingots of Tempest Jade1 Stonedragon's Eye
18 ingots of Tempest Jade1 Deepglimmer
36 ingots of Tempest Jade2 Deepglimmer
42 ingots of Tempest Jade1 Mountainheart Stone

To thank those who have made Adamant and his servants feel so welcomed in the Empire, the koboldi propose to build a jewelled tower of adamant that would serve as a residence of the Summer Archmage. The tower would be built of unbreakable adamant with windows of reinforced tempest jade; the koboldi would provide the material themselves along with all the labour. It would contain living chambers, offices, and a sealed vault specifically for use by the Archmage to protect their valuables. The tower would have two gates, one flanked by statues of Archmage Corvus of Urizen and Archmage Andreas Gremani of Varushka, and the other by the Highborn Archmages Solomon and Luke.

The tower will be located near a Summer regio that can be used by Adamant to create a portal into the mines of the Summer Realm where the koboldi throng. As a consequence, in addition to providing an effectively indestructible and impenetrable home for the Summer Archmage, they would be able to receive emissaries from the deep Summer realm of the Mountain King.

This would give the Summer Archmage a new power - they would be able to trade ingots of tempest jade for magical jewels that enhance the use of Summer magic - something the koboldi believe will further help the Archmage to support their brethren Summer magicians in the Empire. This would function as a ministry that the Archmage could use to acquire a small number of Mountainheart Stones and Deepglimmers each season.

In the unlikely event that Adamant ever become subject to declaration of enmity by the Imperial conclave, the tower would be sealed, the koboldi will cease trading, and any goods the archmage has placed in the vaults there will be left on the lawn.

Jewels from the Deep Mountain

The three unique magic items that the koboldi will trade with the Summer Archmage are each crafted in the Summer realm.

Mountainheart Stone

  • Description: A fist-sized multi-faceted orb of crystal, usually deep red in colour.
  • Form: Paraphernalia. Takes the form of a piece of ritual paraphernalia. The item must be present in the ritual to use its magical properties.
  • Effect: Twice per day the coven may perform a Summer ritual that does not count towards their daily limit of rituals performed.
  • Roleplaying Effect: When this covenstone is used, each contributor feels an urge to acquire beautiful and valuable things - fine clothes and jewels, masterwork weapons and armour, expensive food and drink. The effect fades over the course of the hour following the ritual.


  • Description: A large gemstone, usually a dark colour such as cobalt blue or deep purple, often set into a ring or amulet.
  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a piece of jewellery. You must be wearing this item to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: Any character can bond to this item.
  • Effect: Once per day gain 1 rank of Summer lore for the purposes of performing a ritual, subject to the normal rules for effective skill.
  • Roleplaying Effect: While wearing this item, you find it easy to get lost in the beauty of gems, jewels, and polished metal.

Stonedragon's Eye

  • Description: An orb of crystal or glass, usually golden or emerald in colouration, sometimes with a vertical flaw in the centre reminiscent of a cat's eye
  • Form: Paraphernalia. Takes the form of a piece of ritual paraphernalia. The item must be present in the ritual to use its magical properties.
  • Effect: Members of the coven who are performing a Summer ritual they have mastered may use tempest jade in place of crystal mana. Every two measures of tempest jade spent count as one crystal mana.
  • Roleplaying Effect: After this covenstone is used, each contributor feels an urge to create or build something, using whatever they can lay their hands on. The effect fades over an hour.

Click Expand to see details of the items that can be created by the koboldi for the Archmage.

The Gildenheim Deepforge

  • The Master of the Koboldi can commission a subterranean forge in Gildenheim
  • The cost would be 30 wains of White Granite and 60 crowns in treasure, and take three months to complete
  • The Smith at the Deepforge would be able to oversee the creation of a number of unique magic items, and could use ilium to create schema of those items.
  • Building the Deepforge would use up the ruins of the Gildenheim Runeforge
Eastern ForgeProduction
7 ingots of Orichalcum1 Reaver's Shield
16 ingots of Tempest Jade1 Mask of the Dragon
16 ingots of Orichalcum1 Oathwright's Warskirt
18 ingots of Green Iron1 Warlord's Bulwark
24 ingots of Orichalcum1 Armour of the Legion
27 ingots of Dragonbone1 Bonesetter's Ring
31 ingots of Green Iron1 Pitfighter's Blade
Western ForgeProduction
7 ingots of Orichalcum1 Reaver's Shield
16 ingots of Tempest Jade1 Mask of the Dragon
16 ingots of Orichalcum1 Oathwright's Warskirt
18 ingots of Green Iron1 Warlord's Bulwark
24 ingots of Orichalcum1 Armour of the Legion
27 ingots of Dragonbone1 Bonesetter's Ring
31 ingots of Green Iron1 Pitfighter's Blade
Smith's ConclaveProduction
10 rings of IliumSchema for Reaver's Shield
10 rings of IliumSchema for Mask of the Dragon
10 rings of IliumSchema for Oathwright's Warskirt
10 rings of IliumSchema for Warlord's Bulwark
10 rings of IliumSchema for Armour of the Legion
10 rings of IliumSchema for Bonesetter's Ring
10 rings of IliumSchema for Pitfighter's Blade

The ruined runeforge below Gildenheim was discovered by chance in the Autumn of 379YE. The koboldi are very excited when they learn of it, and spend some time poking around the ruins with long-suffering Imperial Orc guides. After actually examining the thing, however, the koboldi attitude changes dramatically. They become secretive, huddling together for hurried conversations in their own hissing, yipping tongue, and casting worried glances around the ruins. Eventually the cause of their concern becomes apparent; they nervously reveal that as near as they can tell most of the workings of the runeforge are horribly accursèd. Once back in more wholesome tunnels, however, their dark mood quickly lifts, and by the time they reach the streets of Gildenheim again they are already chattering enthusiastically about how best to make use of the dreadful ruins.

If instructed to do so by the Master, they will widen and reinforce the caverns, and the passages that lead to them, creating stairs and expanding the delve as only koboldi can. They would dispose safely of any components of the runeforge that are too dangerous to use, and repurpose the rest to create a potent magically-enhanced subterranean forge dedicated to creating magic items for Imperial Orcs. To be on the safe side, they'd liaise with the scholars at the Legion's Rookery to incorporate images of appropriate Imperial Orc ancestors to keep a watchful eye out for any lingering maledictions. The koboldi themselves would help in the forges as long as they were welcome, but even in their absence the facilities they created would continue to serve Imperial Orc smiths and artisans. Indeed, by serving as a place where Imperial orc artisans could come together and share their knowledge with one another, it provides a significant opportunity.

This project would resolve the status of the ruined runeforge and in its place create a potent ministry. A Smith at the Deepforge would need to be appointed to oversee it, and each season they would be able to use tempest jade, green iron, dragonbone, and orichalcum to forge magic items with which to outfit Imperial Orc champions that reflected the unique understanding of the many strands of Imperial orc crafting that have developed over the years. With access to ilium, it would even be possible to create schema for these items allowing their manufacture to be mastered and made outside the Deepforge as well!

How the Smith at the Deepforge would be appointed is a matter for the Master of Koboldi to determine when they announce the commission. The advice of the Civil Service is that the well worn path would most likely be the Tally of the Votes by the Imperial Bourse - the structure is intended to aid Imperial Orc legions and the vote of those who command military units that have supported Imperial armies thus seems appropriate.

Once complete, the Deepforge would continue to function regardless of whether Adamant were considered an ally or enemy of the Empire.

Arms and Armour

The remains of the runeforge, coupled with the enthusiasm of the koboldi, and the scattered lore of the Imperial Orcs themselves permits the Deepforge to create unique magic items. The inspiration for these items comes in part from the mystical nature of the runeforge, and in part from the Imperial Orcs and their ancestors themselves. The only exception is the Mask of the Dragon which is a magical ritual focus that the koboldi will cheerfully share with the Imperial Orc smiths once the Deepforge is ready.

Pitfighter's Blade

  • Description: A one-handed weapon - which need not necessarily be a sword - that brings a reservoir of inner strength. In the hands of an orc, it strengthens their ability to hear their ancestors when they wield it in battle.
  • Form: Weapon. Takes the form of a one-handed weapon. You must be wielding this weapon to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: Any character can bond to this item.
  • Effect: You gain one additional hero point. If you are an orc, you gain two additional hero points instead.
  • Roleplaying Effect: When you wield this weapon in battle, if you are an orc you find it easier to hear the voices of your ancestors

Armour of the Legion

  • Description: A suit of heavy plate, inscribed with insignia chosen by the one it is crafted for, reinforces an orc's connection to their nation and their people.
  • Form: Armour. Takes the form of a suit of heavy armour. You must be wearing this armour to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: Any character can bond to this item.
  • Effect: You gain one additional rank of endurance. If you are an orc, you also gain one additional hero point
  • Roleplaying Effect: If you are an orc, you feel a sense of pride in your heritage and your identity as an orc

Reaver's Shield

  • Description: Usually a round shield, the Warlord's Bulwark is invariably marked with a hand-painted insignia, regularly refreshed by the bearer after each battle it is used in.
  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a full-sized shield. You cannot make a magic buckler. You must be wielding this shield to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have the shield skill to bond to this item.
  • Effect: If you are an orc, you gain an additional rank of endurance.
  • Roleplaying Effect: If you are an orc you are strongly aware of the bonds that tie you to other orcs

Warlord's Bulwark

  • Description: This shield could bear the insignia of one of the Imperial orc armies. Bearers could then record the details of their victories - and their defeats - on the inside of the shield.
  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a full-sized shield. You cannot make a magic buckler. You must be wielding this shield to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have the shield skill to bond to this item.
  • Effect: If you are an orc, you may spend a hero point to use the get it together skill as if you know it. Once per day you may use the get it together skill without spending a hero point.
  • Roleplaying Effect: You feel an urge to take charge in any dangerous situation, and expect others to do as you say until the danger has passed.

Bonesetter's Ring

  • Description: Crafted from inscribed bone, the Bonesetter's Ring helps the wearer to save their fellows from the embrace of the Howling Abyss.
  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a piece of jewellery. You must be wearing this item to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: Any character can bond to this item.
  • Effect: You can use the stay with me skill as if you knew it. If you are an orc, twice per day you can use stay with me on another orc without spending any hero points.
  • Roleplaying Effect: You are profoundly aware of the value of orc lives - even those of enemy orcs

Oathwright's Warskirt

  • Description: This leather skirt and sturdy belt can be hung with small items of worth. It helps an orc magician to survive in the thick of battle, as well as reminding them of the importance of words, promises, and oaths.
  • Form: Armour. Takes the form of a suit of mage armour. You must be wearing this armour to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have both the magician and battle mage skills to bond to this item.
  • Effect: You gain one additional rank of endurance. If you are an orc, you gain an additional rank of endurance.
  • Roleplaying Effect: You are aware of the need to choose your words carefully, and take promises very seriously.

Mask of the Dragon

  • Description: A gift from the koboldi, this ritual focus takes the form of mask in the shape of a lizard's or dragon's face, often studded with fragments of tempest jade and orichalcum.
  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a ritual focus. You must be wearing this item or holding it in hand to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have the magician skill to bond to this item.
  • Effect: Gain 2 ranks for the Strength of the Bull and Unspeakable Behemoth's Strength rituals, subject to the normal rules for effective skill. When contributing to a performance of either these rituals, you may choose to substitute tempest jade for crystal mana. Every 2 ingots of tempest jade spent counts as 1 crystal mana, up to the normal limit determined by your effective rank of night lore.
  • Roleplaying Effect: You feel an urge to hoard minerals, especially small gems and bits of tempest jade

Click Expand to see details of the items that can be made at the Gildenheim Deepforge.

Exclusive Opportunities

  • The ruins could still be reconstituted into a working runeforge as detailed in Forge of sorrows
  • The ruins could be excavated and transported to Runegrott in Wintermark to form the foundation of a new runeforge as detailed in Conduit to Destiny
  • The Thule orcs are still interested in acquiring the runeforge ruins as detailed in Spear of the stars
  • All the opportunities, including the building of the deepforge, are mutually exclusive; only one can be taken.

The Deepwyrm Aerie

Dragonscale BrewingProduction
10 ingots of Tempest Jade3 doses of Philtre of Heavenly Lore
14 ingots of Tempest Jade3 doses of Dragon's Blood
16 ingots of Tempest Jade3 doses of Goldencrown
16 ingots of Tempest Jade3 doses of Deepscale Tonic

Patronage of the Icy Crag of the Eternal Sun is fought over by the Summer eternals, and Adamant himself has thrown his hat into the ring. Yet Adamant is also a pragmatic creature - at least as regards contests - and appears to approve of the College regardless of which lord of the Summer realm serves as patron. A small band of koboldi appear at Volchitrava in the middle of a snowstorm, their topaz and emerald scales buried beneath copious layers of fur and wool. Once they have warmed up a little, they launch several expeditions into the area surrounding the village and the College - under the careful gaze of the Gremani family who ensure they do not stray from the road or get themselves eaten by wolves.

After a fortnight as guests of the village and the College, the koboldi present a shocking proposal. They want to construct an aerie - to carve a giant draconic face into the side of one of the mountains overlooking Volchitrava and Olodny. They have already consulted storytellers, wise ones, and wardens alike and there is an agreement that no dark spirit is associated with the peak. More importantly for the koboldi, there is a Summer regio aligned with Adamant within the mountain's caves. Constructing the aerie is not cheap - it would require 30 wains of white granite and 60 crowns in treasure and other inducements - but once it was complete, the Dragon of the Glimmering Depths would send some of his deepwyrms through it to live within the mountain.

The koboldi describe the deepwyrms as impressive, majestic creatures like massive lizard-serpents with four pairs of taloned legs and scales of deep midnight blue. Fed almost exclusively on tempest jade, they are able to exhale gouts of thunderous energy at any who dare to try and stand against them. While they cannot exist for long in the mortal world, they are terrible engines of destruction that would certainly fight to protect the college of magic regardless of who it looked to for patronage.

As a consequence, should any army attempt to conquer the region of Srodkoja in Miekarova, the deepwyrms would fight to defend it. Furthermore, while it seems unlikely Srodkoja would be attacked any time soon, there would be additional benefits for the Master of Ice and Darkness. As well as the prestige of having their college watched over by dragon-kin, the koboldi will teach some of the professors at the college how to use the scales that fall from the deepwyrms to brew unique magical elixirs. As long as the deepwyrms are well fed with tempest jade, the Master of Ice and Darkness would receive doses of several potions valuable to magic users, both battle mage and master of Summer lore alike.

One of the elixirs - the Deepscale Tonic is of particular interest; as potent as Ironblood Tonic, but rather than distancing the drinker from their emotions it rouses emotions in them similar to those created by the Unbreakable Behemoth's Strength ritual.

Both these benefits would be lost if Adamant were placed under enmity by the Imperial Conclave.

From Beneath the Earth

  • The Master of the Koboldi could commission the Dragonwyrm Aerie for 30 wains of white granite and 60 crowns in treasure and jewels. Work would take three months to complete.
  • The Aerie would protect the region of Srodkoja in Miekarova in a manner similar to a fortification, but only if the region were attacked directly.
  • Scales collected from the deepwyrms would provide the Master of Ice and Darkness with magic potions depending on how well the beasts were fed.
  • All benefits are lost if a declaration of enmity is made against Adamant by the Conclave.

If the Aerie is built, it functions in a similar manner to a fortification. Should Miekarova be attacked, it would provide an effective 1,000 strength fortification that would only come into play if the Srodkoja region were directly attacked (and would coincidentally mean the territory was not considered undefended if the attackers came from that direction). Unlike a normal fortification, the Aerie does not collapse until its effective strength is reduced to 0. However, while it will regain strength normally, it can only be emergency repaired with magic.

Three Great Beasts

  • Three opportunities exist to build large magical statues in the Mournwold, in Hahnmark, and in Weirwater
  • Each statue is a separate commission - a great work that provides additional prosperity to mines in the territory
  • Each great beast costs 40 wains of white granite and 80 crowns in gold and jewels to construct, and takes three months

The Light in the Depths is a patron of miners and mine-owners. How else can the Dragon-in-Darkness fill his gleaming hoard with the fruits of the deep earth? In the past, Adamant has offered to send his servants to aid mine workers, but as the Winter solstice approaches the koboldi propose something a little more permanent that also plays into their master's well-known affection for giant stone statues. After a lot of animated discussion, and a lot of conversation with tired miners, they have laid out plans for enchanted statues that will bring prosperity to the mine owners in three specific territories.

While each of the great works has obvious utility, one of the koboldi foremen mentions in an off-hand way that completing construction of one of the statues would be an indicator to Adamant of how seriously the Empire takes the business of securing the treasures of the earth. Doing so would no-doubt encourage their master to consider additional boons related to the operation of mines - perhaps similar to those he has already offered involving white granite, or relating to familiar Summer magic rituals such as Delve Deep, Beneath the Mountain.

The Black Boar

In Mournwold, in the Marches, the koboldi have a plan for a massive black stone statue of a boar in the hills south of Sarcombe. The Black Boar would harness the power of a Summer regio, and use it to offer strength and protection to miners across the territory. One local landskeeper has pointed out that the proposed location in the southern hills means that one could draw imaginary lines on the map linking the Black Boar, the Old Pig in Freemoor, and the broken-crowned stag statue in Green March known as High Courage, and that the line between the two pigs passes right through the Singing Caves, but the koboldi say this is probably just a coincidence. Once completed, every mine in the Mournwold owned and operated by a Marcher would share in a bounty of 50 Green Iron each season, following the normal rules for a great work.

The Alabaster Owlbeast

In Weirwater, in Dawn, the koboldi propose to build an immense white stone statue of a Mandowla, a great beast associated in Heraldic magic with strength, striaghtforwardness, and practicality. Again, harnessing the power of a Summer regio, the statue would be built in Wickmoor on top a hill to the northwest of the Weirwater Vales, so that it would be easily visible for miles around. The plans include the use of two massive lightstones that would need to be imported from Urizen or perhaps Wintermark, which would make the colossus especially visible at night - a beacon that would not only inspire miners but also help to navigate the deep woods and dangerous forests of Weirwater. "I don't know about you," one of the koboldi is reported to have said on more than one occasion, "but all these trees do my head in. How do you people ever manage to go anywhere without getting lost?" Once completed, the Alabaster Owlbeast would provide every mine in Weirwater with a share in a bounty of 900 rings, representing precious metals and gemstones hewn from the earth alongside the magical materials the mines also produce.

The Three Magpies

In Hahnmark, in Wintermark, the koboldi have drawn up plans to sculpt a great tableau of three great magpies, along the sheer rock face of the mountain known as Rodthorn. The relief would be visible across the Northspires, and as with the other two proposals harness the power of a Summer regio. The Rodthorn Peak is notable to scholars and historians because some of the more extensive troll ruins found in northern Hahnmark, although the tableau itself would not impinge on any of the known troll workings. The construction effort would need several tons of white stone to be carried up the mountain, but the koboldi are confident that this will not be especially difficult - they are very good with cranes and working in dangerous environments. Once complete, the Three Magpies would provide every mine in Hahnmark with a share in a bounty of 25 Orichalcum and 25 Tempest Jade.

Girdle the Flame

As well as his other interests, Adamant has a clear interest in the construction of great fortifications throughout the Empire. In the past, his koboldi have been enthusiastic supporters of efforts to improve the defensive value of the Walls of Holberg, the Castle of Thorns in Astolat, and of course the Court of the White Fountain in Redoubt. Built in the foothills of Optarion, it is a towering pinnacle surrounded by a massive semi-circular wall that completely fills the Onyx Pass - one of only two easily accessible routes for armies to pass between Redoubt and Spiral. Impressive as the tower is, it pales into insignificance next to the White Fountain itself - a gout of liquid fire that bursts from somewhere deep within the earth, arcs high into the air before being gathered in a black basin and disappearing back beneath the ground again. It is said the entire Citadel Guard can muster in the courtyard before the fountain - and indeed that the army itself was raised here back in the earliest days of Urizen as a nation.

Once upon a time, a second Urizen fortification stood across the Onyx Path, on the slopes of Ateri. Sadly, Fort Mezudan now lies in ruins - destroyed in an awesome magical storm conjured by Grendel masters of Wind magic. While hostilities between the Empire and the southern orcs may have abated for the time being, Adamant is apparently concerned about what might happen to the Court of the White Fountain when they inevitably resume.

With that in mind, his koboldi propose reinforcing the Court with adamant - that unbreakable material that can be found only in the Summer realm. As with the Adamant Gate in distant Semmerholm, this would mean that the Court of the White Fountain would become effectively indestructible - that no matter how much strength was brought against it, the tower itself would never fall.

Doing so is no minor undertaking; it would require the Master of the Koboldi to commission the project, and provide 10 rings of ilium. It would take the koboldi three months of work, and would also require additional magic. At the culmination of the project, Imperial magicians would need to perform the Hammers of the Brilliant Shore ritual with a magnitude of 110 (sufficient to restore 500 strength if the castle were damaged). Once this was done, the fortification would be reinforced with brilliant adamant and - as the koboldi off-handedly remark - most likely outlive the Empire it defends.

OOC Note: Completing this project causes the Court of the White Fountain to gain the unbreakable quality. This means that damage to the fortification cannot reduce it to below 1,000 military strength. It can be captured, but it cannot be destroyed.

The Red Iron Door

  • There are signs of a great number of trogoni massing in the tunnels deep beneath Lorenzo's Deep Pockets and that they may threaten Miaren, Upwold, Temeschwar, and Hahnmark.
  • The koboldi believe the dangerous trogoni infested tunnels of the great north-western sinkhole can be sealed
  • If left unsealed, there should be at least a year before the trogoni gather enough force to be a major threat - assuming nothing else changes.

And finally... while visiting Hahnmark, the koboldi become aware of the grand sinkhole that catastrophically opened up in the north-western Empire in late Spring 381YE. They are keen to have a proper look at it, and prevail on a small group of adventurous types to give them a short tour. They are both horrified and fascinated, and express concern about the number of trogoni they can feel massing in the depths of the sinkhole. Serious concern. They seem to think that the excavation of the sinkhole, and especially the construction of several structures related to crystal mana in its vicinity, have attracted great numbers of the burrowing beasts to the vicinity of Lorenzo's Deep Pockets. They've no idea when the trogoni will attack, but they think it likely that within a year or so a legion of the subterranean horrors will pour out of the ground and attack mines and mana sites across southern Hahnmark and Temeschwar, and throughout northern Upwold and Miaren.

In response to some immediate panic when they mention their observations, the koboldi apologise and explain that they may have over-stressed the danger. A little. While the trogoni threat is growing, it's not an imminent threat. Unless something changes - something that angers the trogoni already gathered or prompts a feeding frenzy - there's at least a year before there's enough trogoni beneath the sinkhole to be a major threat. Unfortunately, they're pretty sure that sending troop into the sinkhole to deal with the trogoni is exactly the sort of thing that might cause them to come boiling out and try to eat everyone's faces.

If the Empire wants to head off this potential disaster - albeit a disaster on a small scale - the servants of Adamant have a solution. Somewhere in the depths of the sinkhole there is a shaft that leads unimaginably far down into the earth where the trogoni seethe and multiply - something posited by Snowstorm Henk when the orc scholar explored the sinkhole last Winter. They believe that sealing that shaft will greatly reduce the threat of the trogoni - especially if the right kind of seal is applied. They are no strangers to dealing with hordes of terrible underground monsters, and believe that some of the runes carved into the ancient tunnels might suggest a way forward.

They propose to construct a great door of mithril alloyed with Green Iron and Orichalcum. This would be marked with thousands of runes - primarily Verys, Tykonus, and Feresh - and then manoeuvred into place in the depths of the sinkhole. Creating the door itself is a challenge - but something the koboldi are confident they can achieve. The door would require a commission from the Master of the Koboldi, and cost 10 wains of mithril, and 25 ingots each of Green Iron and Orichalcum. It would take three months to complete.

Once the door had been constructed - and they are keen to stress it is a very big door - then putting it in place would require a significant armed force committed to assisting them - if not an actual Imperial army then at least a significant force of trained warriors. Once the door were in place and the shaft sealed, the threat of the trogoni in the north-west Empire would be nullified. It would also allow the Delver of the Depths to send their workers into the deeper parts of the sinkhole without anywhere near as much chance that they will be eaten by underground horrors - potentially increasing the revenue of the sinkhole.

Furthermore, once the door has been tested and proved successful, the koboldi propose to share the secrets of its construction with the Empire, allowing Imperial miners to make use of the runes and magics involved to create their own anti-trogoni seals, greatly reducing the threat of the armoured monsters to mines and mana sites across the Empire.

Sealing the Sinkhole

  • Constructing a ward against the trogoni is a commission for the Master of the Koboldi that costs 10 wains of mithril, and 25 ingots each of green iron and orichalcum. It would take three months to complete.
  • Once the door was built, it would need to be installed. This would create an opportunity for military units to delve into the sinkhole.

The commission represents the creation of a folly, which is within the power of the Master of the Koboldi to commission. If the door is completed, it will create a new opportunity while military units can take part in a project to secure the lower levels of the sinkhole and let the koboldi seal the sinkhole. This would both defuse the threat of the subterranean army, and potentially give opportunities to increase to the productivity of the sinkhole. If their scheme is successful, the koboldi will share the methods of making similar seals with the Empire - meaning that owners of mine and mana site personal resources would no longer need to fear the threat of future trogoni attacks.

As initial forays into the sinkhole suggested, there are likely sufficient trogoni down there to be function as the equivalent of an Imperial army should they be roused - one that would need to be dealt with by similar degree of force. However ignoring this problem presents no danger in the immediate future - the trogoni won't attack unless something happens that triggers their wrath. They are drawn to crystal mana and tempest jade in particular so it is likely that the construction of any sinecure or great work relating to these materials in any of the territories bordering the sinkhole would trigger them, but other than that they should remain quiescent for years.

The koboldi do not claim that their red iron door plan is the only way to deal with the threat of the trogoni. They are very enthusiastic about it, but there are doubtless other ways that the threat of a trogoni attack could be dealt with. The Imperial Senate could commission an appraisal into the situation, and no doubt uncover other ways to deal with challenge of the burrowing horrors.

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The first Master of the Koboldi - Sagua i'Ezmara - was appointed by the Imperial Conclave during the Winter Solstice amid fierce competition. They commissioned the creation of the Red Iron Door, the results of which are detailed in One side stone, one side fire.