Funds for the purchase of 20 white granite to be used on the construction of a cargo dock in Caricomare which would provide 20 white granite per season (from) the Asaveans (This would create a new Imperial Bourse position)

Proposed by Holberg, seconded by Mitwold


  • To be constructed in Sarvos, on the Caricomare docks.
  • The production of this ministry is unknown.
  • When the construction is complete, it will automatically create a new Imperial title.
  • The well worn path for appointing the title would be through the Imperial Bourse; this is clearly an economic position. The method of doing so would be either through open auction if the title were designated as Imperial, or by the appropriate method for the nation the title is assigned to if it is made National.
  • During the Summer Solstice 379YE, the powerful Tarquinius family sent Alonso Tarquinius to Anvil, with details of the Asavean expectations regarding this project. Those details have not been made general knowledge.
  • Shortly before the Spring Equinox 380YE, all progress towards completing the docks was lost in the Grendel invasion.


  • Spring 379YE


  • 30 wains of weirwood
  • 10 wains of white granite


  • 10 wains of white granite supplied by Ros Jordan after the Summer Solstice 379YE.
  • During the invasion of Sarvos by the Grendel, the partially constructed docks were destroyed by orc pillagers.

Campaign Outcome

  • Once construction is complete, this motion will cause the creation of a new Imperial title, this will be an Imperial Bourse position.
  • Any trade with the Asavean Archipelago, especially trade in valuable materials such as white granite, requires the co-operation of Asavean merchants. Without their cooperation, these docks will not provide any special benefit.
  • A synod member indicated an intention to raise a veto; however, the Imperial Synod had successfully used this power earlier during the summit so no veto is possible and construction can begin post-haste.


  • For the purposes of clarity; this will not create an additional seat on the Imperial Bourse.