The construction of a Mana Sinecure in New Dunholm in Hahnmark. To cultivate and collect the crystalisations forming in the vicinity of (yet to be named) hole. With the goal the increased prosperity in Wintermark. It will cost 10 wains of Mithril to Construct and 20 crowns. It will be self-funded.

Announced by Breeta Dunning.


  • This motion was to build a sinecure to oversee the creation of mana in New Dunhall, in Hahnmark. The sinecure will be built to take advantage of the mana flows in and around Lorenzo's Deep Pockets.
  • This sinecure was announced by a holder of an Imperial Wayleave, using the legal power to commission constructions delegated to them by the Senate.


  • Autumn 381YE


  • 10 wains of Mithril
  • 20 Crowns
  • 3 months to complete


  • 10 wains of mithril and 20 crowns provided by Balder after Autumn Equinox 381YE.


  • The construction of the sinecure will automatically create an Imperial title, Fallsheart Guardian.
  • The details of the title and how it is appointed will be determined by Breeta Dunning