To commission a mithril mine in Sermersuaq

Proposed by Sermersuaq, Seconded by Mitwold


  • Passed
  • Passed at 330 Thrones
  • This motion was to take advantage of the recent discovery at the Face of Ikka, Suaq Fount, Sermersuaq


  • Winter 379YE


  • The Senator may choose either of the options presented by the Civil Service.
    • either 100 Thrones, 6 months to construct, 10 wains each season projected production.
    • or 200 Thrones, 9 months to construct, 15 wains each season projected production.


  • 330 Thrones disbursed to Senator Sermersuaq
  • 200 Thrones supplied by Atte Arrow-Tongue Metsastajason, Senator for Sermersuaq.

Campaign Outcome

  • Once the mine is complete, it will create a new seat on the Imperial Bourse.
  • When it produces its first load of mithril, a senator will be able to propose a motion to allocate the seat as either National or Imperial.
  • As 200 Thrones have been committed to the project, the mithril mine will take nine months to complete, meaning that unless something goes wrong it will be available for allocation at the Autumn Equinox 380YE.