To create the Inquisitorial Court which shall be a body in the Synod to oversee Inqusitions and ensure their accountability and transparency.

Proposed by Hercynia, seconded by Bregasland.
The motion to create the inquisitorial council


  • Eight Imperial titles of Virtue Inquisitor would be created, one in each Virtue assembly.
    • The Virtue Inquisitors would be able to escalate any inquisition to a statement of principle without it counting as their single judgement per season.
    • The Inquisitors will be appointed by the appropriate cardinal and serve until they die, step down, are revoked, or a new cardinal is appointed who chooses to replace them.
    • Virtue Inquisitors would be revoked by the appropriate Virtue assembly or by the General assembly.
    • Virtue Inquisitors are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the use of inquisition in service of the Empire.


  • Summer 379YE


  • None

Campaign Outcome

  • One virtue inquisitor Imperial title was created in each virtue assembly and the assembly of the Way.

Constitutional Court

  • The constitutional court notes that it would also have been appropriate to give the virtue inquisitors the inquisitor power of the Imperial Inquisitor - to perform an inquisition each season without the need for a vote in the Synod, and in addition to any existing judgements they have raised normally.
  • The constitutional court further notes that it would be appropriate to extend the power of inquisitor's judgement to the Imperial Inquisitor as well.