Create the title Advisor on the Valorn, to be nominated by a unanimous decision of Navarr senators, falling back to a greater majority of the senate. To have the powers: Right of Address to the Senate, right to request one item of research each summit (at standard costs) and the right to raise one free motion of Interdiction in the Conclave per summit. To receive a Stipend of 2 crowns.

Proposed by Kahraman, seconded by Redoubt.



  • Spring 378YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The Imperial title of Advisor on the Vallorn was created.
  • The Senate decided not to provide the Advisor with a stipend.
  • A procedural motion followed on Sunday afternoon and Merel Pathfinder was appointed to the role.


The formal process for electing a national position of this kind is for Merlot, the master of elections, to hold an election involving the relevant nation's senators.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 16 11 Passed
@ 2 Crowns 12 15 Failed