That the title of Dean of the Academy be created with the power to raise one motion before the Senate each summit, with the Responsibility of raising that motion on behalf of the Academy Student Council.

Proposed by Morrow, seconded by Bastion.


  • This motion has constitutional implications, because it provides the power to raise a motion in the Senate
  • The motion requires ratification by The Throne, and has no legal basis until then.
  • This motion would create an Imperial title, the Dean of the Academy.
    • The title would be appointed by the Senate, and could be revoked by the Assembly of the Nine or the General Assembly.
    • The Dean could both raise a motion, but would still need to find someone to second that motion.
    • The power to raise a motion automatically includes the power to second a motion as well.
    • The Dean does not have the power to vote or speak in the Senate, or any other powers of a senator.
    • While the title may have the responsibility to raise motions on behalf of the Academy Student Council, as always they may do whatever they wish with the powers granted to them.
    • There is no legal requirement that the title holder belong to the Academy.


  • Spring 379YE


  • The constitutional court judged that this title would require ratification by The Throne; as such the motion is incomplete and the title has not been created.
  • This motion was ratified by Empress Lisabetta in Spring 380YE, and the title Dean of the Academy has been created.