To create the national title of the Keeper of the Breadbasket. To be selected by Marcher Senators for a term of one year and revocable by the Marcher Assembly or the Assembly of Nine. The Duty of the Keeper of the Breadbasket is to maintain the Great Work and decide if the Breadbasket is to support the Mournwold or the Imperial Armies which can only be done once per summit. The Keeper of the Breadbasket has the right of address to Senate once per summit which must be used if the allocation is to be changed.

Proposed by Upwold, seconded by Mournwold.


  • The motion will create a title responsible for deciding how the subsidiary benefits of the granaries and storehouses that are part of the Imperial Breadbasket great work.
  • Passed


  • Autumn 381YE.

Campaign Outcome


  • The Keeper of the Breadbasket – if you give someone custody of a great work they make all the decisions about it. This would include both supporting the Mournwold and which army receives the benefit of the power of the great work.
  • They would use their power with an announcement.
  • It is unconstitutional to attempt to specify how a power such as Right of Address must be used.