Most Dragonbone Orbs are made of ceramic, wood or stone inlaid with tempest jade; although there are some metal or glass orbs of this type, many crafters consider these to be inferior materials. They are usually adorned with swirling lines that do not touch one another; with dragons and wyverns; or with symbols specifically relevant to the coven that will use them. A Dragonbone Orb is infused with potent enchantments and attuned to the power of the bonds that unite a coven. With it, a coven can use measures of dragonbone to enhance and manipulate the bonds that connect them, reinforcing their personal power and using to reduce or in some cases replace the need for crystal mana in their rituals. Unlike other similar orbs, a Dragonbone Orb must 'rest' after each use, and some covens refer to the item as if it were a living thing that is 'exhausted' through use.

Dragonbone orbs rarely take other forms, although some are crafted in the shape of ceremonial rods. Regardless of the precise form it takes, a coven that uses it is careful to ensure that it plays a central role in their ceremonies. The Dragonbone Orb is a potent representation of the bonds that tie a coven together and the power that their oaths allow them to wield.


  • Form: Paraphernalia. Takes the form of a piece of ritual paraphernalia. The item must be present in the ritual to use its magical properties.
  • Effect: Once per day members of the coven who are performing a ritual they have mastered may use dragonbone in place of crystal mana. Every two measures of dragonbone spent count as one crystal mana.
  • Materials: Crafting a Dragonbone Orb requires nine ingots of tempest jade and five measures of dragonbone. It takes one month to make one of these items.