A forest represents an area of woodlands that are harvested to gain magical materials. It shouldn't be a farm or a garden - if that is what you want to take then we would recommend you choose the farm resource or a herb garden resource instead.


Upon taking a forest, you must choose one of ambergelt, beggar's lye, dragonbone, or iridescent gloaming. A forest produces 12 measures of the chosen material.

Downtime Options

It is possible to harvest additional materials from a forest during any given season. You may spend 6 crowns to have the forest produce an additional 5 measures of the same material as it would naturally produce.


A forest can be upgraded using white granite obtained from the Bourse. Each time a forest is upgraded, the owner receives an additional 2 measures from then on.

To upgrade a forest requires Imperial wains of white granite equal to the level the forest is being upgraded to. So the first upgrade of a starting level 1 forest costs 2 Imperial wains of white granite, from 2 to 3 costs 3 Imperial wains, etc.


A forest can be diversified to sacrifice production of one material for another. To diversify a forest costs one throne. Each time a forest diversifies, the owner chooses a different resource from the list for forests; the forest produces 2 measures of the new material at the expense of 2 less of the original material. A forest can be diversified multiple times (but no more than once per season), and each time it is diversified, the owner can choose any of the three resources the forest would not normally produce.


The table below shows a list of the rituals in both Imperial lore and Urizen lore which can affect the production of a forest.

Ritual Effect Realm Magnitude
Rampant Growth Produces an additional 77 rings and six drams of random herbs over the next season Spring 10
Verdant Bounty of the Twilight Bayou Produces an additional five measures over the next season Night 6
Conclave of Trees and Shadow Functions as a military unit with 100 extra strength if taking an independent action Night 20
Flame and the Flood(1) Uses ilium to permanently upgrade the forest Night 30
Withering Touch of Frost Reduces production by a quarter for a year Winter 6
Anathemic Call of Bug and Briar Reduces production by a half for a year Spring 16
Like Water Through Your Fingers Reduces production by three quarters for a year Autumn 30
Winter's Ghosts(2) Reduces production by a quarter over the next season Winter 50

  1. This ritual is in Urizen lore
  2. This curse affects an entire territory