There are far fewer Kallavesi runesmiths than Steinr or Suaq, but they are not completely unknown, and the Four Spirit's Mask is one of very few magical items that is widely believed to have been originally created by a Kallavesi runesmith. It is usually fashioned in the shape of an animal's head, most commonly an eagle or a bear, but wolves and boars are not uncommon and one particularly beautiful mask is in the form of a peacock's head.

The Kallavesi believe the form the item takes is crucial - since the wearer will take on some of the qualities and Virtues of the animal in question. An eagle makes the bearer majestic and regal, a bear might give the wearer strength and heroic spirit. Each animal has its own distinct characteristics, which will influence the wearer and the choices they make when they fork their skein. The peacock is a powerful choice, since anyone who wears a peacock mask often becomes resplendent and Proud.

Despite the history of the Four Spirit's Mask, it is possible to make it in other forms. The Steinr rarely wear animal masks so some of their Runesmiths who can create this item will make it in the form of jewellery. A brooch in the shape of a wolf or boar's head or a large amulet with the image of a bird engraved into it. Whatever form it takes, it is considered a poor choice to use even a single rune on the mask, due to a superstition that whatever rune the smith chooses it is bound to be dissonant with at least one of the rituals the mask can be used to empower.



Runesmith's Law

This magic item is part of Runesmith's Law rather than Imperial Lore. Any Wintermark character with the artisan skill can learn to make this item. Before they are able to do so they must swear a powerful geas, and if they later leave the nation they lose the ability to make this item.

Ymma put the needle down and stopped to rub her eyes. She'd been working all day, but the light was fading now and her eyes were getting tired. She could barely see the needle in the gloom, let along the sinew-thread she was using. Still the piece was nearly complete and she wanted to press on and have it done before bed, so she rubbed her eyes again and stood up to stretch. She needed a break - and if she was going to continue - she needed her light stone.

She went to the cupboard and retrieved the heavy leather bag that contained her lightstone. Her neighbours thought her mad, but she knew what she was doing. The stone had come all the way from Morrow and it had cost her the best part of a crown. She didn't need it during the day - so she kept it sealed in a bag, so that none of the light would be wasted.

Returning to her table she put the stone down in the centre of her table, but carefully, so as not to damage it. She picked up her tools and resumed her needlework on the mask. A few more hours and and the mask would be finished. She thought of little Joukahainenm, all grown up now and doing his own rituals. She'd watched her young niece grow into a fine figure of a man, but he still lacked confidence in himself and his abilities sometimes.

The mask would help with his work. Not just the enchantments for the hall's warriors, though it would certainly be useful for that. But she'd chosen to make Jouka a fine headpiece in the shape of a hawk. It would help him be tenacious and determined. With this mask, nothing would turn him aside from his goals.

She hummed to herself as she worked, carefully stitching. She'd spent weeks searching the forest for hawk's feathers, but it would all be worth it once the mask was complete.