Greensteel orbs are usually created in the form of a metal orb inlaid with tempest jade and bound with greensteel bands. They are often engraved across their surface with interlocking lines reminiscent of mazes, nets or even spider's webs; or inscribed with runes. They are rarely composed of stone, wood or bone although ceramic or glass versions are not unknown - natural materials rarely make good greensteel orbs. The orb is infused with potent enchantments and attuned to the realm of Autumn. A coven can use it to draw on the power contained in ingots of green iron and align it with their own magic, allowing them to reduce or in some cases replace the need for crystal mana when performing Autumn rituals.

While this item is usually made in the form of a 'covenstone' wielded by one of the magicians in a ritual, this is not the only shape appropriate to this item. Some covens possess metal bowls or chalices, while others prefer massive chains of iron and greensteel links, sometimes worn by one of the ritualists, sometimes passed from hand to hand during the ritual. These items are usually regular, but they invariably look like made, rather than natural, things. Regardless of the precise form it takes, a coven that uses it is careful to ensure that it plays a central role in their ceremonies - in addition to its ceremonial use it is a symbol of the oath that binds them together.


  • Form: Paraphernalia. Takes the form of a piece of ritual paraphernalia. The item must be present in the ritual to use its magical properties.
  • Effect: Members of the coven who are performing a Autumn ritual they have mastered may use green iron in place of crystal mana. Every two measures of green iron spent count as one crystal mana.
  • Materials: Crafting a greensteel orb requires seven ingots of tempest jade, four ingots of green iron and three measures of dragonbone. It takes one month to make one of these items.