Before each summit, the prognosticators produce lists of every conjunction that they have been able to identify based on reports compiled by the war scouts. These are not all the conjunctions, these are simply all the conjunctions that they have been able to find. Because of their focus, these conjunctions are usually very military-orientated; they are focused on the movement of the Empire's armies and the barbarian forces arrayed against them. Smaller conjunctions that allow groups to pursue their own personal agendas are only rarely discovered by the Imperial civil service.

Further information relating to the nature of these conjunctions might be presented by the War Scouts on duty at the Sentinel Gate, providing updates on barbarian movements, information on how to engage enemy troops or advice on how to avoid casualties and return back to Anvil in safety.

It is important to note that the details relating to a conjunction are not fixed - in theory, new conjunctions can appear, and the destination or size of a conjunction are known to be mutable. The civil service strongly recommends checking the size and timing of any conjunctions of interest after arrival at Anvil.


Unless otherwise specified, all conjunctions listed below have the following accessibility information:

Depending on the number of Skirmish Team available, the size of the conjunctions might change between publication and when they run at the event. Details will be finalised Friday afternoon before time-in. Please check the conjunctions at the Sentinel Gate via a referee early Friday evening to confirm all details. This page will not be updated while onsite.

Stuck in the Mud

  • The Marches, Imperial Orcs, Wintermark
  • Those with reason to engage the Jotun

The marshes of Bregasland have been a great Marcher ally in the stubborn defence of the territory in the face of the Jotun invasion this season. Soldiers among the Strong Reeds have begun claiming that the "Fens did it best" when it comes to counting kills. However, whilst the dark water and bullrush fastness of the Night realm have thwarted many Jotun attacks, it has also led to the confusion of bands of soldiers on both sides. Accurate reporting of troop movements to the Civil Service by the War Scouts and locals has been hard to collate, with messages giving only vague locations and imprecise details on enemy activity. This makes the finer details of coordination for the Imperial Armies especially hard for the prognosticators this season; units go missing or report in miles from their last known location. It is hard going, but as the Winter Solstice approaches the situation is better understood and reports of possible conjunctions begin to emerge.

Jeer's Hay Shore, North Fens, Bregasland18:30 Friday90 people20 minutes
Trent Tun, Grey Fens, Bregasland19:00 Friday90 people20 minutes
Skop's Landing, North Fens, Bregasland19:30 Friday90 people20 minutes

Word comes to the Civil Service from Rosie Little of a perilous situation out in the expanses of the North Fens. Keeping watch on the enemy from her nimble punt, the beater reports that a warrior warband has besieged the settlement of Jeer's Hay, preventing Imperial citizens from escaping to their boats or fleeing by road. Obdurate and single-minded as only Marchers can be, the inhabitants have made it clear that they intend to dig in, don jerkins, raise their bills, and fight until their last breath.

The Summer Storm have thrown themselves into the conflict in Bregasland this past season, engaging the armies of the Jotun all across the warzone. The twisting waterways and boggy islets most certainly have prevented the army from operating in a way they are more accustomed to, and many legionaries are grateful of local guidance or the wise directions of the Kallavesi they find themselves fighting alongside. Heeding the word of their general, the Summer Storm has sought out hamlets and villages under threat from the Jotun, standing defiant against the western aggressors. Many of the losses the army has taken have come from valiant last stands, protecting the homes, lives, and farms of the native Bregas. Shortly before the nations gather in Anvil an orc mage from the Beaten Shield legion is able to send a missive calling for aid for her unit from the Summer Storm that will soon be overrun along with the inhabitants of Trent Tun in the northern Grey Fen. An opportunity to intercept the Jotun is discovered, allowing for a chance to save the settlement and return up to one-hundred soldiers to the fighting strength that had previously been registered lost to the ranks of the Summer Storm.

Alerts are also raised at the quays of Skop's Landing when a sizeable band of Jotun warriors arrives in the night and blockades the road to the coastal settlement. Strangely they take no further action and have remained in place as the solstice approaches. Ever alert, the local ferry folk soon notice boats going missing at night, slipped from the moorings and off into the fog. Known to not favour open waters or traversing the sea, it is theorised that a number of human thralls are likely responsible for the thefts. This is soon confirmed with scattered reports of Marcher looking folk sculking the wildlands of West Marsh outside of Westerhal. Though few in number, these interlopers are evidently exploring the westerly region of Kallavesa. Militia have been altered in Westerhal and the Civil Service is confident that the threat from the thralls can be dealt with by the locals; however, the Jotun force blocking the approach to the ferries at Skop's Landing does present a problem that needs resolving, and quickly. Leaving the Jotun control over the water to West March could enable further incursions by more human thralls, orc warriors, or the Hordalant folk.

Empty Skies

  • Wintermark, Navarr; those with an interest in the trods of Sermersuaq

The Jotun make ready for war on the outskirts of Atalaq in Sealtoq, provisions and reinforcements arrive across the icy wastes from Stark and the lands beyond. A chance to strike along one such supply line has been discovered, a conjunction that allows travel to Briar's End, close to the trod south-west of Atkonartoq. Navarr scholars and prognosticators both express concerns that the trod itself is contributing to the tenacity of the Jotun's defences and the speed at which they have been able to redeploy and respond to raids across the border.

Reports from scouts in the area have mentioned notable movement of thralls and the construction of watch-points, protected by grim, carved effigies. The area is guarded by frequent orc patrols, requiring any expedition to be prepared for conflict, but also capable of stealth and swiftness. A strike here will likely have a small impact on the logistics of the Jotun's operations in Sermersuaq, and potentially influence how materiel and foodstuffs are brought to the armies.

Briar's End, Sealtoq, Sermersuaq20:00 Friday80 people20 minutes
Ocaso Pines, Yellow Chase, Segura20:30 Friday80 people20 minutes
  • Freeborn, Imperial Orcs, Navarr

The Jotun's threat to the Empire spans its entire western border, down through lost Sermersuaq, the hotly contested Bregasland, the desolation of Liathaven and into the open expanses of Freeborn lands. In Segura, once ancestral home to the Lasambrians, the orcs are on the retreat, forced back before the swift-moving forces of the Red Wind Corsairs and Black Thorns, backed up by the reavers of the Winter Sun. A season, perhaps two, and the invaders are likely to be driven back over the hills into Reinos, freeing Yellow Chase and the entire territory for the second time this decade.

However, it seems the Lasambrian orcs are not so keen to see their recent conquests lost to them once more. Reinforcements have been sighted moving into the territory out of the west. A conjunction to Ocaso Pines in the Yellow Sands offers the Empire a chance to eliminate these reinforcements before they can reach the Escuta army. War Scouts report that the elite Jotun warriors settle to camp at sunset each evening, a surprise assault would disorientate the enemy, prevent them from mounting a solid defence and allow their number to be quickly overrun. Successfully defeating the orcs here would stop what amounts to an emergency resupply of the Escuta preventing the equivalent of one hundred additional strength from reaching the army.

  • Wintermark; those eager to investigate this mystery

A series of three, much smaller, conjunctions have also been identified by the Civil Service whilst investigating the happenings at Briar's End. The location of these three opportunities are located deep within the northwest wastes of the Suaq Font, far behind the front lines, deep inside the territory claimed by the Jotun. Here the winter has been particularly harsh and unrelenting, even for the few Suaq who remain out here.

The Tree of Sa'saaq, Suaq Font, Sermersuaq19:15 Saturday15 people20 minutes
Fulfir's Watch, Suaq Font, Sermersuaq19:45 Saturday15 people20 minutes
Slaughter Hollow, Suaq Font, Sermersuaq20:15 Saturday15 people20 minutes

Details are scant and the few war scouts in Sermersuaq have been unable to reach the area. Runecasting by Kallavesi seers working alongside the prognosticators have repeatedly drawn the rune Naeve, along with Ull and Kyrop, as they have attempted to scry for further insights. What these portents mean is unclear, yet it is likely to be a dangerous endeavour. These forays could be a chance for the heroes of the Mark to assess the situation, gain further insights into what is happening, and potentially learn more about how those Suaq living in thralldom have fared.

Home Through the Forest

  • Navarr, and those seeking an end to the Vallorn threat
  • Grey Pilgrims and Questing Knights sworn to defeat the Vallorn

The territories claimed by the Navarr have seen large numbers of engagements and sudden eruptions of violence arise over the last season. Fierce conflicts have been fought from Hercynia in the north to Therunin in the south-east, yet military forces of Navarr and their allies from the other nations have stymied the extent to which these recidivists have been able to inflict death and destruction on the Empire. Through the efforts of the Valiant Pegasus, the Grey Pilgrims, the Silent Bell, and numerous bands of warriors, the tide has slowly been turned against the foes that have lain hidden across the woods of the Empire.

Additional Reading

This is a concise version of the more detailed information presented in Faded from the winter wind of fortune, which provides more details on the nature of the threats the Empire faces, their plans and the options for countering them.

A month before the Winter Solstice, as the snows started to land thick and heavy in Northpines Navarr scouts in the Silent Bell report the movements of the Fellorich Striding, Heirs of Terunael led by the brand Fenella Fellorich. This striding are linked to many of the attacks in the Northpines and Summersend in Hercynia, indicating that Fenella is perhaps coordinating activities of the Heirs in the territory from a hideaway in Needlestead. These reports are matched to an account received from the Marshstalker Steading of Summersend who report an attack on their wayhouse by the Fellorich shortly after the Autumn Equinox. The Marshstalkers were beset by the striding during a nighttime raid; whilst the attack was driven off at great cost, in the confusion an old heirloom was stolen from the wayhouse's meeting hall. An opportunity has been identified to strike against the Fellorich Striding, possibly eliminate their leader Fenella, and recover the lost item.

The heirloom is known by the Marshwalkers as the Promise of Home, an old Icon of the Witness that had been hallowed with true liao during the reign of Empress Teleri. If recovered, and returned to the Marshwalkers via the Navarr egregore, the steading has promised to travel to Anvil at the Spring Equinox. Following a call made by the Navarr national assembly the Marshwalkers have knowledge to share about The Vate's Shelter, an artefact Abraxus Stone that was lost to the Navarr during the reign of Empress Brannan, some 130 years ago.

Needlestead, Northpines, Hercynia15:00 Saturday60 people20 minutes
Tower's Edge Holt, Upper Tarn Valley, Therunin15:30 Saturday60 people20 minutes

This past season, the Grey Pilgrims of Highguard have supported the military forces stationed in the area that are taking the fight to the traitorous Navarr and the existential threat posed by the Vallorn's very nature. At Tower's Edge Holt, above the River Tarn in Therunin, the devout opponents of the Vallorn report on an incident involving the Greenstride Steading and a coven of vates skilled in the magics of the Winter Realm.

The Grey Pilgrims tell of a night time encounter with a member of the Frozen Steps coven, who stumbled into the light of their campfire while fleeing. The Frozen Steps coven are a small group of vates with an interest in the Winter Realm who were prominent at Anvil during the reign of Emperor Walker, over a decade ago. The young magician claims that their entire coven had been captured by the Greenstride Steading and were being interrogated and forced to perform rituals for their captors. Apparently the Greenstride Steading are eager to identify ways that the Vallornspawn might be protected from winter magics such as the Ward of the Black Wastes, and are apparently forcing the Frozen Steps Vates to help with their work.

The Grey Pilgrims have attempted to scout the Steading, but there are far too many Heirs and vallornspawn in the area for them to attempt a rescue. Instead they reported the information to the Imperial prognosticators who have been identified an opportunity to rescue the vates and strike against the steading, with the potential to kill their leader, Clevorn Greenstride, if present.

  • Navarr, Varushka and Urizen; those seeking an end to the Vallorn threat
  • Grey Pilgrims and Questing Knights sworn to defeat the Vallorn

From Hercynia comes word from another group of cutlists - the Varushkan Cabal of the Green Mother. The Empire has located a valuable witness, a young Navarr magician who observed a Varushkan cabal performing a powerful ritual at a Spring regio in Hercynia. The girl was able to remain hidden and thus observe the traitors at work, as they called on the power of Yaw'nagrah to help them bring a plague of pestilence and floods down over her homeland. There can be little doubt that what the girl observed was the Varushkan cabal at work, inflicting one of the Empire's most feared - and most illegal - curses on Hercynia.

Up to now the Cabal have been able to avoid an open confrontation with the Empire, but the solid military defence of Hercynia has left them with few places to hide. They have been forced to break cover and now the Empire has a chance to deal with them once and for all. Their position has been reported by a group of Grey Pilgrims who tipped off Imperial scouts to the presence in Summersend of a group of Varushkan schlacta and cabalists from Miechernya. Led by one Roman Andrevich and calling themselves the Twisting Hive, the scouts have been able to confirm that this group are the cultists of the Green Mother, that have acting as her harbingers and spread curses across the Empire.

At least one herald of Yaw'nagrah, along with ettercaps and foul spawn of the vallorn march along with Roman's force. Thanks to the swift reports the Civil Service have identified an opportunity at Gildenroad to confront the motley assemblage and end the threat they pose. The Twisting Hive present a formidable force and have numerous spawn at their command, it is expected that they will be well prepared for an attack and will fiercely defend the herald with them. Dealing with the herald, some kind of Child of the Green Mother, will no easy task, but it is likely to be essential before the cultists can be definitively dealt with.

Gildenroad, Summersend, Hercynia16:30 Saturday60 people20 minutes
Beaten Branch Wayhouse, Peakedge Song, Therunin17:00 Saturday60 people20 minutes

Over the last season, briars all over the Empire have been experiencing since strange dreams. All the evidence that the Silent Bell have gathered points to the magicians of the Greenfountain Spire as the source of the dreams. They are known to encourage briars and others who are disaffected with the restrictions of modern life to come to the Spire. Crucially, there are rumours that the masters of their spire has mastery of an obscure ritual, one that allows them to send dreams to others. Clearly they have the motivation - if the rumours are true, then they also have the means.

Now, as a result of the Empire's vigilance and the dedication of the military captains there is an opportunity to directly confront the Greenfountain Spire. The Civil Service has identified a conjunction of the Sentinel Gate close to Beaten Branch Wayhouse in Peakedge Song, Therunin. War scouts and Navarr stridings in the area have reported on the movement of a group of Urizeni magi and sentinels from Greenfountain Spire that left Perego in Morrow shortly after the Autumn Equinox. Understood to be led by the sentinel Agrippina of Green Fountain, the band headed through the passes into Therunin, only to disappear into the depths of the miasma of Sweetglades.

Apparently, this band has now emerged from the heart of the vallorn in the territory openly displaying their allegiance to Yaw'nagrah, alongside a host of spawn, ettercaps and vallorn-infested husks, for the most part. The force has already attacked settlements in the area and has strengthened its power during stops at spring regio in the area. This opportunity will allow the heroes of the Empire to deal with the Spire. If enough of their powerful magicians can be killed, then that should ensure that there are no more dreams of Yaw'nagrah to trouble the Empire's sleep.

Note: None of these four skirmishes are run within an area under the effect of the Vallorn miasma.

Vultures Picked Our Bones

  • Dawn, Varushka, The League, and Urizen
  • Highguard; priests and exorcists

There have been reports from the citizens of Semmerholm that a Druj warband has been spotted moving through the woods of Axmure. Observations of the fighters, and their reported movements suggest this force has slipped across the border from Dawnguard in the Barrens and is currently moving through Averlune Chase. The Civil Service prognosticators indicate that this is likely a scouting force; assessing the defences of Semmerholm, probing the roads to Holberg and assaying the deposition of forces in the territory. Whilst there doesn't appear to be an attack imminent, it was not that long ago that Druj armies attacked out of the Barrens against the territory, so this scouting foray might be a prelude of a repeat of that incursion or just an attempt to assess Imperial forces in this area of the Empire.

Likewise, there are similar reports from the recently conquered territory of Ossium in Varushka, where Druj fighters continue to reave the wild frontier lands. Despite the massive movement of Imperial troops through the area into the Forest of Ulnak this season, there are plenty of dark holes in which the barbarians can lurk. It is from these dark places that the Druj have emerged once more to plague the brave pioneers and prey upon the recently settled vales close to Marshstand Rise. Like the force threatening Dawn, this band do not appear set upon a specific goal, but their very presence threatens the supply trains to the armies fighting just over the border.

Both of these conjunctions share a unique bond, the presence of a number of the Druj's Tortured Souls. First encountered on the battlefields of Reikos, these twisted creatures are created by the orcs as inhuman embodiments of fear and horror by an unknown process. They stalk battlefields with grim purpose and the blows they strike can inflict a lingering wound to the target's very soul. The citizens of Reikos and former houses of Dawnguard know all too well to fear these creatures cause, as those captured in the Druj assaults were turned into these twisted monsters only to be used against their former kin. Priests skilled in exorcism will be required to swiftly dispatch these ghastly shades. If left to be these monsters will terrorise the inhabitants of both nations, and could, given time, cut off vital resources or connections in the two territories.

Averlune Chase, Axmure, Semmerholm19:00 Saturday70 people20 minutes
Daenorius Rise, Clypion, Zenith19:30 Saturday70 people20 minutes
Marshstand Rise, Drownbark Forest,Ossium20:00 Saturday70 people20 minutes

The campaign into Zenith has been repulsed by the Druj defenders, forcing the combined might of the Imperial armies to retreat back over the passes into Morrow. Close to fifteen hundred casualties are either left dead in Clypion, or hastily stretchered to citadels for a long recovery. As the last troops from the Iron Helms move out of the territory, missives from hold-out Urizeni citizens and the Civil Service's own war scouts inform the prognosticators that the Druj has captured a number of soldiers from the Citadel Guard alive. The largest group of these prisoners of war are now being held at the Halls of Lutum, the site of a major conjunction at the solstice. Additionally, a notable Illuminate from the army is being held prisoner at Daenorius Rise by a warband of Druj fighters. The illuminate had aided soldiers from the Citadel Guard to steel themselves against the pall of the Druj's fearful miasma by providing personal anointings to strengthen their souls. At least one member of the illuminate's congregation is known to be close by and able to assist any who come to the aide of the captured Illuminate.

Sun's Rest, Oerwealt, Forest of Ulnak20:30 Saturday50 people20 minutes
  • Varushka, Dawn
  • Exorcists, and those interested to learn more of this mystery

During the last season, there have been numerous reports of eerie goings-on in Oerwealt, likely linked to the vast tracks of barely buried remains found across the region. One widely discussed report is an account from a group of Varushkan scouts who encountered a village full of silent orcs that vanished soon after sunset. The hunters and yeofolk that now patrol the outskirts of the Dawnish and Varushkan armies have reported another similar settlement has appeared close to Sun's Rest, the location of the Golden Sun's encampment. Wary of the danger that might lurk within, nobody has approached the site after dark, but examination during the daytime has revealed nothing at all. An opportunity exists to travel to Ulnak and explore the locale in closer detail.

Druj miasma
All characters on the skirmish in Zenith and the skirmish in the Forest of Ulnak will be under a permanent WEAKNESS and experience a feeling of hopelessness and dread unless they:
  • Expend a hero point upon entering the area
  • Are subject to an anointing
  • Overcome the supernatural dread using their Changeling lineage by becoming extremely angry
  • Are bonded to a magical item or have a ritual enchantment that mitigates effects like these