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I, Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi, am announcing the plans to improve the Court of the White Fountain in Redoubt in order to make it unbreakable. Edmundo of Damakhan's Forge has agreed to supply the ilium required. Cato Auricspire of the Scarlet Guard is organising the casting of the ritual on its completion. As part of this improvement there will be a small office and suit of rooms provided for the Captain of the Fountain's Guard, a tenured national position chosen by the general(s) of Urizen. This title will be responsible for the fortress and the morale and training of the guards stationed there.

Announced by Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi



  • Spring 384YE


  • As detailed in Wind of Fortune
  • 10 rings of ilium
  • Three months to complete


  • 10 rings of ilium provided by Edmundo of Damakan's forge after Spring Equinox 384YE


  • TBC