To pass the Thule treaty

Proposed by Upwold, Seconded by Madruga



  • Winter 383YE


  • The regions of Miechernya in Miekarova, and Webwood in Ossium have been ceded to the Thule
  • The Thule have queried one aspect of the treaty which is missing from the one presented to the Senate but which the Thule had agreed to; that the Thule armies present in Sermersuaq would always be outnumbered by Imperial armies. Rak Who-Speaks-For-The-Dragons-Undivided has made it clear that the Thule still intend to abide by the treaty as it currently stands, but that if the armies were to become unbalanced then that would be a matter for the Ambassadors to negotiate.

Treaty between Otkodov and the Casinea Empire
The Empire has negotiated with our allies the Thule of Otkodov.

The Empire proposes the following treaty, agree in principle with the Dragons.

That a new military alliance begins against the Jotun in Sermersuaq.

That the Otkodov Thule will provide the Empire with three armies to support in fighting the Jotun in Sermersuaq.

These armies will support the Empire for a full year and will take actions to resupply these armies during the campaign.

That representatives of the Thule can attend Anvil to discuss military matters to better organise and co-operate with the Empire

While fighting alongside the Empire, any territories captured from the Jotun in Sermersuaq by Thule armies will be immediately ceded back to the Empire.

Any Empire citizens, either in Sermersuaq or fighting as Jotun thralls that are captured by the Thule in their campaign will be returned to the Empire.

Any Jotun orcs or warriors, who are not Imperial citizens, will be offered a choice. Either accept becoming a Thule thrall or accept death.

The Thule will ensure Empire settlements and populations will not be targeted.

The Empire agrees that the Thule can use rituals, such as Rivers of Life, to protect their people in Sermersuaq.

The Empire agrees not to use powerful rituals of slaughter in Sermersuaq during the campaign.

In exchange for the military alliance the Empire will cede lands to the Thule.

The regions of the Webwood in Ossium and Miechernya in Miekarova.

These lands will be peacefully exchanged and the people there assisted in moving to another Empire region.