In response to concerns raised to the Department by Solus, High Exorcist of the Empire, we seek to utilise one of the two available research commissions to investigate the origin of the Eater of Hope. The focus of the research will be ritualistic practices, possibly associated with torture and punishment, of the late Terunael historical period, especially associated with the city of Emrys (ruins in southwest Skuld.) We seek to cross-reference this matter to the following significant people: Merenael, Fallahd, Tegwen of the Hammer. These names have come to light during the destruction of the Eater of Hope. We seek to understand how this entity was created so that we can be vigilant against the significant spiritual threat that it represents should other such creatures be identified.
Announced by Minister for the Historical Research



  • Spring 383YE


  • Research document was provided to the Minister for Historical Research, and eventually made public knowledge.