To reinforce the army the Quiet Step of Navarr, with 25 wains of weirwood, costed at 7 1/2 crowns per wain, total 23 thrones, 3 crowns, 10 rings. Pass at this sum or withdraw.

Proposed by Sarvos, seconded by Upwold.



  • Autumn 377YE (Event Four 2013)



  • 25 wains of weirwood provided by Mirislav, senator for Sarvos after Winter Solstice 377YE

Capaign Outcome

  • 25 wains of weirwood can be spent to resupply the Quiet Step is authorized by the Imperial Senate until end of Summer 378.


Senators are encouraged to submit requests for Senate funding, but they can not legally withdraw a motion that the Senate has passed if the Senate choose not to release some or all of the requested funds.