Warpaint allows Navarr warriors to display their commitment to the coming fight.
War is not a game.

War is not a game, it is a life-and-death conflict. Most Navarr warriors have little interest in forming battle lines and engaging their enemies in honourable battle. They are pragmatic, and favour war through ambush, skirmish and guile. They disdain heroic charges and single combat with enemy leaders - better to fade back and draw the enemy into a trap than face them in one-on-one combat.

Donning warpaint – often embellished with a stylised thorn motif – is an important pre-battle ritual and warrior bands work together to paint each other. By donning warpaint, the Navarr warriors display their commitment to the coming fight. Members of a Steading or Striding will often use similar themes, colours or designs to give themselves a clear battlefield identity as a unit, in the same way that other nations use livery or heraldry.

Leather and chain mail are favoured along with the ubiquitous barbed spear, which honours the original spears wielded by the Navarr forebears. Shields, when used, are narrow and fluted, barely wider than the wielder and often heavily decorated with the thorn motif.

Those Navarr who devote themselves to war are called Thorns.

“You can’t betray your enemies.”

The warriors of the Navarr have two primary areas of interest. They are concerned with the defence of the Steadings and Stridings against bandits and barbarians. They also take responsibility for fighting the forces of the Vallorn. The Vallorn represents a hostile environment, replete with dangerous plants and monstrous insects. These creatures make infrequent incursions into Imperial territory, and the Navarr are at the forefront of driving them back. They also prepare for the day when they will be able to assault their enemy directly, both by scouting the areas of Vallorn influence, and by locating areas that might serve as bases of operation, or recruiting allies to help in the inevitable challenge of defeating the Vallorn's progeny.

Merryn Farkas, of the Ruis Farkas, served as General of the Quiet Step.
Fight to live, do not live to fight.

Imperial Armies

The Navarr field two imperial armies; the Black Thorns and the Quiet Step.


The Black Thorns

This large army is especially fast moving, able to cross great distances very quickly. They are especially adept at using the trods to move large numbers quickly, and have excellent logistical support as well as several covens of vates and apothecaries who help restore troops after forced marches. They have a knack, historically, of turning up just in time to help tip the outcome of a campaign.

The first Navarr General leads the Black Thorns army, and is appointed (or re-appointed) at the Summer solstice each year.


The Quiet Step

The army of the Quiet Step is loosely organised, allowing individual components a certain amount of leeway to operate as they see fit but benefiting from a central logistical core. They were once known for their experienced scouts capable of quickly gathering information about the enemy armies they encounter. They are equally adept at facing barbarian orcs, vallornspawn and Varushkan monsters. After the Autumn Equinox 381Y, however, they refocused their purpose toward more aggressive tactics, employing cunning strategies to confound and slaughter their foes.

The second Navarr General leads the Quiet Step army, and is appointed (or re-appointed) at the Autumn equinox each year.