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Artwork by Andrea Cradduck

Choosing to bring another life into the Great Dance is something to be celebrated. In the making, in the bringing into the world, in the life, the learning and ultimately even in death. Parents are considered much like Guides, individuals with a great responsibility for helping their offspring find their place in the dance.

Navarr children are encouraged to take the Imperial Test of Citizenship as early as possible, and once they pass they become true members of a Striding or Steading. At that point anyone can offer the youngster help, giving them what guidance they can.

Many Navarr believe that though children are precious they need to be exposed to risk, if not danger. They should be tested often, to challenge and stretch them, but with care so that they gain confidence with each test. Questions are an opportunity to teach and should be answered with thought and care. The children of other nations are an Imperial resource that the Navarr think are often under-valued. Orphans are a particular concern and in the Brass Coast and other lands they often offer a home in the Stridings to children who have lost their homes and their parents to war with the Barbarians. In Varushka naughty children are even warned that unless they behave they will be sent away with the Navarr.

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Things every child should know

  • Find your place in the Great Dance. Try to experience as many different aspects of life as possible, so that you can see which one suits you best.
  • The world is dangerous, learn to outsmart it. The Navarr try to be the smartest and most cunning warriors in the world - learn to outsmart any problems you encounter rather than using brute force.
  • Help build the Empire. You are the child of a great Empire, make it stronger by helping people where you can.
  • Carry their words to the winds. The Navarr often carry important information for the Empire, always make yourself available to run messages for people if you can.
  • Tread carefully in the wild places. Be careful and alert at all times. Be vigilant and look for danger wherever you go.

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