Felika wears markings symbolising her oaths as a vate

Tracing patterns

The creation and tracing of complex designs has a magical resonance for the Navarr. At its most basic, it is found in the concept of map-making - of creating designs that mirror the world - and in journeys along paths and roads. A complex design represents a journey, but it can also represents the idea of permanence. Following a path, repeating the actions of someone who has gone before, gives extra weight to the journey and if that journey already has a magical meaning, the repeated tread of many feet recreates and reinforces that magic. The Trods are the most obvious example of the use of designs - tracing out a great complex design, which is then reinforced over and over not only by the Navarr stridings but by every other pair of feet that walks on or near the path.

The marks that accompany the swearing of oaths are often abstract designs, and tracing that design relives the moment when the oath was made.

Aneirin Ironroot.jpg

Tattoos and brands

Tattoos and brands are a powerful example of the use of designs. They add great weight and power to sworn oaths and rituals of loyalty and binding. Marking oneself permanently helps to grant tenacity and durability to oaths, but can also be used to try and extend the duration of some magic. Many Navarr choose to cement vows and solemn undertakings with a tattoo or a brand hoping to draw on the power of the mark to keep them true to their pledge. A prominent mark that can be clearly seen is more powerful than a similar mark hidden on the body.

Navarr Blood Magics.jpg
Blood Magic is a tradition not a Hearth Magic.]


Blood is not a hearth magic - there is no known inherent magical effect in blood - but it does play a significant role in the tradition of blood magic. Blood magic is not a uniquely Navarr tradition, but it is perhaps the most common method used by Navarr vates.