The most common form taken by a Ring of Triumph is either a single band marked with one each of the runes of Summer, Autumn and Day or a single ring formed of three interwoven bands, each of a different precious metal.


  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of a ritual focus. You must be wearing this item or holding it in hand to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have the magician skill to bond to this item.
  • Effect: Once per day you may use this ring to gain one additional rank of either Summer Lore, Autumn Lore or Day Lore for the purposes of performing a single ritual, subject to the normal rules for effective skill.
  • Materials: Crafting a Ring of Triumph requires nine ingots of orichalcum, nine ingots of weltsilver, six ingots of green iron, and nine measures of iridescent gloaming. It takes one month to make one of these items.
From an original printed manuscript of "The Beggar of the Twin Towns" by Ferdinand de Tassato.

Margrave Liutswind raises her fist in defiance, the ring prominently displayed to the audience and to Margrave Luitpold.

Luitpold: Ah, but that is not the ring you think it is dear Sister for I took that one from you last night while you slept.

Liutswind: No dear Brother, you are wrong - for it was your wife who swapped the rings the day before for me and it was you who gave me back my Triumph and with it granted me your DESTRUCTION!

Handwritten note from an original printed manuscript of "the Beggar of the Twin Towns" in the hand of Ferdinand de Tassato

Ring - flash with BIG gem. Use the Urizen rig to focus on it. I want to blind the audience so we can then drop Andrea in on the harness.