In Spring 382YE, the Imperial Senate voted to create a roll of benefactors. The roll creates a permanent list Imperial citizens who have made significant, prosperous contributions to the implementation of approved senate motions. Named “Benefactors of the Empire”, the Assembly of Prosperity is responsible for adding names to the list.

Adding to the Roll

To add a name to the roll of benefactors, a member of the Prosperity assembly raises a statement of principle, which must pass with a greater majority. The roll is updated each season. As always with a statement of principle that receives a greater majority, there may potentially be additional effects (although this is much less common in a virtue assembly).

Benefactors of the Empire

Heilyn Bronwen's Rest

Heilyn was added to the Roll of Benefactors during the Spring Equinox 383YE by Darien Numbers. The judgement as upheld by 246 votes to 0.

Heilyn Bronwen's Rest was recognised for their tireless and never-ending work in his position of Warmage. They are scrupulous in ensuring every ring spent gives the maximum impact for the Imperial war effort. They ensure all mages who assist are treated fairly and with prosperity in mind in every detail. They make certain that everyone who assists in gathering the materials required gives real value to the Imperial treasury, whilst also remaining prosperous. These qualities have created a strong network of trusted citizens they can call upon to drive bigger and better works of magic every season.