Day Magnitude 8

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual can 'only' be performed by a single ritualist, and cannot be performed using a coven bond.

This spell is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.


This enchantment effects only the caster. It reduces the magnitude of the next ritual they cast by themselves without drawing on a coven bond by two. While the enchantment persists the caster experiences a roleplaying effect: you feel clear-headed and find it easy to recall minor details of things you have read or seen, especially things to do with magical lore.

The enchantment ends when the ritualist performs a ritual alone, or at the next sunrise, whichever comes first.


This is an old spell, and has largely been superseded by the use of the coven. It allows a magician who is capable of achieving a magnitude eight ritual by themselves to perform a ritual that is otherwise slightly out of their reach. It is common for a magician using this ritual to take advantage of things that enhance ritual ranks, potentially putting many more rituals within reach of the solo caster. For example, a magician who can only just perform this ritual alone can then use regio, potions and the effects of other rituals in combination with this enchantment to achieve surprising results without a coven.

The enchantment effects the 'next' ritual the magician performs by themselves; they can still work with a coven (either their own, or through the use of an item such as the Volhov's Robe) without discharging the effects. This ritual 'never' reduces the magnitude of a spell cast by a coven.

There are all sorts of subtle uses for this ritual. An itinerant volhov may take advantage of an enhancement at a regio to perform this ritual, allowing him to perform a ritual of similar power later in the day. A League mountebank might be able to bring a ritual of another realm within her grasp despite her focus on Day rituals. An adept of Day with access to plenty of crystal mana who can just about cast this ritual might grant themselves the ability to cast Clear Lens of the Eternal River with ease. There are plenty of other examples, most of which rely on the ritualist having a good supply of crystal mana.

Common Elements

This ritual is always performed by a single ritualist, so has a tendency to be quite low-key. It often involves meditation, or recitation of a complex magical invocation. Some ritualists like to work on a series of mathematical formulae, moving numbers through complex iterations as they focus their minds; others achieve similar effects by performing mental exercises such as writing the names of all the Emperors and Empresses in order. Books, scrolls and other written materials are commonly involved. Bells, chimes and gongs might be used, with the character focusing on their fading notes; likewise slow, repetitious movements can help relax the body and free the mind. Ritualists sometimes draw a complex diagram on the ground, sometimes with coloured sand of powder, and sit within it as they meditate. Other ritualists use lenses to concentrate on creating minuscule, delicate designs.

The rune Aesh is almost always evoked with this spell, often in the form of a complex hand-gesture.