This table lists all the Day magic rituals that are part of Imperial lore.

Ascetic Star of AtunRemoves venom.2
Hakima's GlassDivine details of bonded item or person.2
Piercing Light of RevelationRemoves obscuring effects and opens night pouches.2
Horizon's Razor EdgeGrants ability to call CLEAVE with a weapon once each day.3
Distillation of Diverse PartsRecover herbs from potion.4
Gift of KnowledgeDelivers book or scroll to Phaleron in return for Day mana.4
Gralka's Gift to the Lost SeekerDivines the current location of the caster.4
Illuminate the Higher MindShares knowledge of one spell with another magician for a season.4
The Celestial LibraryDelivers book or scroll to Eternal for possible destruction.4
Bright Lantern of OphisAnalyses a magical effect.6
Clear Lens of the Eternal RiverDivines the historical significance of the immediate area.8
Crystal Clarity of the Rational SoulGrants an aura of calm and serenity to a character for a day.8
Revelation of the Jewel's Sparkling Heart Adds 8 additional ingots to the production of a mine over the next season.8
Sign of AeshReduces the magnitude of the next ritual you cast by yourself by 2.8
Skein of YearsWhen the ritual is complete, the ritualists receive a vision during which key events in the history of the target item are revealed.8
Solace of ChimesCreates a calm roleplay aura.8
Chimes of AnnulmentSuppresses the effect of a Druj miasma focus for one minute.10
Eyes of the Soul's PastReveals information about a past-life vision10
Sharp Eyes of the CorsairGrants a minor enhancement to a military unit taking any scouting action.10
Sular's PromiseGrants a fleet greatly increased results from trading action during the next season.12
Eye of the High PlacesDivines effects on a region or territory.14
Eyes of the Sun and MoonDivines details of campaign armies in a territory.14
Ascendance of the Highest MindTarget learns up to three spells known by the coven for a season.15
Alignment of Mind and BladeGrant the use of one impale each day for a season when wielding one-handed weapon or one-handed spear.18
Swim Leviathan's DepthAsks a specific question of the eternal Leviathan to divine a past cause or event that has led to a present-day state of affairs or consequence.18
Kimus' Glaring EyeGrants the ability to use repel on two targets at once.19
Standing at the ThresholdAllows a coven to perform an extra ritual each day for a season.19
Carve the Crystal GuardianTransforms a mana site into a powerful military unit for a season.20
Combing the BeachProvides guidance from the eternal Roshanwe.20
Crystaline Focus of AeshGrants one rank of Day lore for a season and additional prowess when performing divination rituals.20
Garden of Teth-AnonGrants members of a coven +1 rank when performing a ritual they have not mastered.23
Transcendent MasteryTarget gains all spell knowledge.26
All the World in a Grain of SandCurses a character with madness that prevents ritual casting.30
Clarity of the Master StrategistGrants an increasing bonus to a campaign army when it is on campaign.80
Revelatory Light of the Empyrean SpheresGrants one use of area-of-effect paralysis.150
Bright Eyes Gleam in the DepthsEnchants the Empire with power drawn from the Day realm.210

This table lists all the Day magic rituals that are part of Urizen lore

Resolution of Falling StarsGrants a magician the ability to overcome roleplaying effects by spending personal mana6
Peregrine and IchimosEnchants a military unit to grant additional strength when supporting an army or defending a fortification10
Blades of Clear SightEnchants a character who has the Weapon master skill to call IMPALE three times per day14
Irresistible Stance of Force and FocusEnchants a magician to allow them to cast REPEL four times a day14
Arete and the Fields of WarEnchants a warrior with various abilities dependent on weapons and armour16
A Light That MovesEnchants a congregation for a season so that it provides additional votes and liao at the next summit18
A Perfect MomentEnchants a character granting them the marksman skill for a season22
Guardian GateEnchants a fortification to gather information about a territory and impede spy networks80
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