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A steading may be a village of wooden buildings, or it may be a constantly shifting town where anyone can pitch a tent.

A Steading is the term for a group of settled Navarr, and is used to refer to the settlement they live in, as well as the group itself.

As settlements, Steadings vary in size and composition. A few are shaped as natural parts of the forest, especially if they are important to the vates, but most are constructed of wood - of which there is a clear abundance in the Navarr heartlands. Some are built among the trees, some on hilly clearings, while a few are even constructed on great platforms that float upon the waters of freshwater lakes.

In almost every case the design is adapted to make the most of the terrain, and with an eye towards the purpose of the settlement. For example, a small steading built around a shrine is a different affair to a prosperous steading with a ring of cleared farmland surrounding it.

Those Steadings that are near to the Vallorn have the additional responsibility of ensuring that no one stumbles into its deadly embrace.

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