Autumn Magnitude 2

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. The target item must be present throughout.


This ritual repairs an item, such as a weapon or shield that has been broken using the SHATTER call.

Additional Targets

This ritual can affect additional items. The magnitude increases by one for every two additional targets. All items must be present throughout.


The Anvil of Estavus is a simple yet potent ritual that is at its most effective when it repairs several broken items. The more items the ritual repairs, the more powerful it is in comparison to the mend incantation. It sees most use on battlefields, especially battles against enemies who favour great weapons (such as the Jotun), or who are supported by supernaturally strong auxiliaries. A single competent ritualist can restore nearly a dozen shattered items with a handful of mana crystals.

The mend spell is more versatile, and can be performed much faster, but even a skilled magician is likely to find their personal reserves of strength quickly depleted in the aftermath of an especially vicious engagement with foes who deliver shattering blows. The Anvil of Estavus comes into its own in this kind of situation, allowing a small team of ritual magicians to repair the damaged wargear of many warriors at the expense of a little extra time.

The other primary use for this ritual is on those occasions when there is no access to the mend spell, or when reserves of power are depleted. The ability to quickly improvise this ritual is available to anyone who has made even a cursory study of the lore of Autumn; in such circumstances it can make the difference between a soldier being able to contribute their fighting skills and their being forced to the sidelines.

The ritual does not draw directly on the power of the eternal Estavus; in some parts of the Empire it is called The Anvil of Isenbrad after the paragon of Wisdom who forged weapons and armour out of ice, or The Runesmith's Forge, or The Mystic Anvil of the Smith.

Common Elements

The trappings of the artisan are commonly used in this ritual; fire, hammers, tongs and sometimes an item that serves as a symbolic anvil. Ingots of orichalcum are sometimes held by ritualists performing this ritual. The rune of wealth is often evoked with this ritual, and the constellation of The Chain is sometimes referenced.