There are many spires in Urizen, but only a comparative handful are involved in the affairs of the Empire (that is, attend the seasonal summits at Anvil). The influence of a spire can wax and wane, and involvement in Imperial affairs is not always a reflection of their influence within the nation itself. This page presents in-character information about the spires that attend, or have attended, Anvil — the kind of thing that someone who asked about the spire might uncover from talking to their peers. In each case, the information is provided by the players and edited before being put on the wiki.

The majority of spires listed here represent player-character groups. You should not create a character who is part of a spire, or has personal history with one, without first clearing it with the appropriate players. You should also check before including other players' spires in your background. The background team are unlikely to approve a background that significantly impacts or involves another player character spire without their permission. There are also a handful of prominent NPC spires included for completeness, but they are not intended for use by player characters.

Spires of Morrow

The spires of Morrow are some of the oldest in Urizen.

Phoenix Reach

  • Purpose: Citadel
  • Region: Ravion
  • Master: Ioseph

Phoenix Reach is an ancient citadel that was rediscovered and partially excavated a few years before Empress Britta's death. The first explorers found caves with scenes depicting astronomancy, bewildering blood-red mana crystals, and deep rich soils able to grow plentiful food and herbs.

The citadel benefitted from an influx of surrounding spires looking for new challenges. Positions of responsibility are reviewed each year allowing everyone within the new family to develop their leadership skills.

At Anvil, the citadel prides itself in welcoming new citizens to their large, well lit tent and offering counsel to help identify where they can be pivotal. Heroes from the Reach usually fall into two camps - those who take the field, and those that empower them to return victorious. There is a strong favouritism towards the Summer realm within the citadel.

Temple of the Red Scroll Bearers

Red Scroll Bearers
  • Purpose: Sword Scholar Temple
  • Region: Peregro
  • Apothegm: Interrogate the world with your blade and with your mind.
  • Master: Aspar

The exact details regarding the founding of the temple have long since been lost, burnt away by centuries of persecution by the sentinels of Urizen, but the Temple and its adherents remain.

A sect of sword scholars often seen as decadent and libertine to those outside of the temple, the Red Scroll Bearers consider the experience of all sensations to be important in understanding the world - including those of pleasure and pain.

They believe that it is important to be knowledgeable about the myriad ways in which humanity can exist and how human experiences affect the nature of Wisdom. The Red Scroll Bearers walk this path of varied outlook, and through means of magic, anointing and alchemy they strive to gain a thorough understanding of the world through direct experience. Simply learning about something is not enough, you must test what you learn.

Above all, the Red Scroll Bearers revere Sulemaine and her teachings, and strive to hone their martial and mental arête through duels and debates. They despise untruths and conjecture and believe that all things must be questioned. This of course leads to heated discussions, varied outlooks and fierce rivalries within the temple itself.

Skylark Spire

  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Operus
  • Apothegm: Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

A very old spire dating from the origins of the Urizen nation, Skylark is an arcane spire that was created to place great emphasis on day and night magic, thus creating a significant number of Seers, stargazers and Torchbearers throughout the ages. Due to the emphasis on divination magic, its martial prowess is seen a lacklustre, requiring aid from nearby citadels throughout the years. However, due to the constant cost of repairs of the ancient structure of the spire, there has been an increasing appearance of Architects among the populace in recent years to help raise funds for the community.

There has been a significant tradition of this Spire accepting Freeborn orphans with the merrow lineage throughout the years, believing that more minds will benefit the spire (and in turn Urizen as a whole) in the future.

This spire is known for the various eagles that inhabit the surrounding landscape and its beautiful waterfall that has been constructed to fall through the different levels of the spire out into a small lake that the Merrow inhabitants use to meditate.

Spires of Redoubt

Redoubt is still a little wild; the spires here have a strong martial tradition.

The Citadel of Stillwaters

  • Purpose: Citadel
  • Region: Siluri
  • Apothegm: Stillwater leaves no ripples
  • Arbiter: Narses Stillwater

Originally coming from different spires all over Urizen, after the battle of Solen’s Doubt a group of veterans sought refuge in a small ruin near the towering mountains in the Siluri hills. The natural spring from the lake aiding their meditation, the herons that hunt there inspiring their training and the gardens a source of comfort from the horrors they had witnessed. And so in rebuilding their new home, they rebuilt themselves.

They began a program of cascade training in order to provide Urizen with constant supply of effective sentinels that embody all of the benefits of the old and new, comprising modern fundamentals with a unified philosophy, using this they contributed to current Urizeni theatres that they themselves could not attend due to their convalescence.

Due to the nature of the formation of the citadel, it’s members are more aware than most of the threats to their home, this shows itself in a more easy going nature to which some Urizeni are not accustomed. This nature only comes from knowing intimately that each breath could be their last and that they should live it fully.

With the citadel’s original reason for returning to Anvil (reconquering Zenith) resulting in a swift victory, they have now set their gaze on further conquerable shores on which to test their ambition.

The Crystal Skies

Crystal Skies.JPG
The Crystal Skies
  • Purpose: Former Arcane Spire - now a Citadel
  • Region: Tomari
  • Apothegm: The ends do not justify the means.
  • Arbiter: Lanius of the Crystal Skies

The once arcane spire of Spiral, now military encampment in Redoubt, sits at the foot of the mountain that is the home to Netherwatch Spire. With most of the spire being sentinels, trained up from a young age, not by choice, but as a necessity, many of the sentinels that are experienced tend to be on the younger side. Even with all that has happened to their home in Spiral, they always believe and push for a way to win, without sacrifice. Whether this is due to naivete or courage, a nation built upon trying to be perfect, surely can find a way to win without compromise.

Even though most of the original spire still remains, most of its current members are refugees from other spires from Zenith and Spiral. As an encampment, the spire finds it easy to let people move in and stay till we can organise proper places for them in nearby spires. Many members of the group seen today are those that chose to stay in the encampment to help others that require it, and assist with the reclamation of fallen territory, whether it be Zenith, Spiral, or another nation's home.

Embers Wake

Embers Wake
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Optarion
  • Apothegm: Through travel, we gain Knowledge. Through knowledge, we gain Wisdom. Through Wisdom, we enlighten the World.
  • Arbiter: Alexios of Ember’s Wake

Carved into the towering walls of a narrow-mouthed bay amidst the mighty cliffs of Optarion, the heavily fortified Port-Spire of Ember’s Wake is a populous, outward looking spire with a focus on trade and the gathering of knowledge on a global scale. There are several tales which tell its founding, but the only certainty is that the core of the spire was built long before its current inhabitants arrived. Regular raids on the spire and its ships by the Grendel and various other pirates and vagabonds, as well as the beasts that prowl Optarion, has meant that every member of the spire has some modicum of martial training, even if this is not the focus of their arete.

As an outward focussed spire seeking to expand and share knowledge within the Empire and beyond, Ember’s Wake is notable for its eclectic mixture of aretes, its many torch bearers and a larger than average population of briars.

Though formally led by an arbiter, the running of the spire falls to the Spire Council, a body of 7 individuals, which includes the arbiter, who oversee all aspects of the spire’s day-to-day operations.

In spite of its outward looking nature, members of the spire have only begun to attend Anvil since Winter 382YE, and live up to the spire’s reputation for an eclectic array of foci.

The Lighthouse at Nikephoros

The Lighthouse at Nikephoros.png
Nikephoros Lighthouse
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Naris
  • Apothegm: I will be better.
  • Arbiter: Telemachus

The foundations of the Lighthouse at Nikephoros were laid before Urizen joined the Empire. It was founded as a citadel from which Urizen mariners patrolled the coasts, pirating barbarian shipping and repulsing orc raids on the shipyards at Elos.

After joining the Empire - and with its naval importance diminished following the creation of the first imperial navy - centuries of slow decline began. The discovery of a potent Winter regio in a deep tidal cave beneath the spire changed the focus of the Lighthouse, and over generations it transitioned from a decaying citadel into a decaying spire. But within the stagnant heart of the spire the influence of the Winter ritualists grew, and the Circle of the Drowned was formed.

At a recent coven symposium the Circle of the Drowned enacted a political coup, seizing leadership from the passive old guard in favour of the new.

Now dedicated overwhelmingly to Ambition the spire is ascendant. They embody the principles of the Wasteland strongly, holding close to their oaths and using any and all tools to achieve their ambitions. The Circle and the spire care more about magic as a tool to achieve their goals than as an end in itself, practising both astronomancy and blood magic. When they gather at anvil they do so with a singular purpose, pushing for the reunification of Urizen and the defeat of its myriad foes. The banner Urizen, Whole was founded by the Lighthouse with a simple oath - "by my deeds, Urizen will be restored".

Netherwatch Spire

Netherwatch Spire
  • Purpose: Spire
  • Region: Delving
  • Apothegm: Where this is darkness, Let us bring light.
  • Arbiters: Thalia and Galene

Melded into the mountains of Redoubt it overlooks, Netherwatch Spire was originally an arcane spire involved with mining and craftsmanship; like their neighbours in Delving. Supposedly the spire was built with the aid of the eternal Adamant though the true history of has long since been forgotten and the covens focus moved to Day and Spring over Summer.

Now the spire boasts the twin pronged aretes of Wisdom and Prosperity with the co-arbiters Thalia, Convenor of the National Fund, and Galene, the Imperial Inquisitor and Convenor of the National Assembly. A large contingent of the Anvil Militia calls the spire their home, promoting their commitment to truth and Wisdom.

Serpents Rest

Serpents Rest.png
Serpents Rest
  • Purpose: Spire
  • Region: Limus
  • Apothegm: We bring the peaceful light, To the chaos of the dark ocean
  • Arbiter: Captain Marinus

The spire formed as a result of a dramatic rescue from sea for the lone survivor; Captain Neptune. When rescued he couldn’t tell anyone what had happened or how he survived, all he could say was that seen a “Great Serpent”. He and other captains decided to set up the Serpents Rest, named after the mysterious creature he saw, as a sanctuary for those feeling lost or seeking safety. It wasn’t long before Serpents Rest became a spire dedicated to fleets and the sea. The spire itself was originally a docking area and warehouse in Cargo and in time some of the space was converted into private lodgings or expanded to accommodate guests.

Although the magically inclined members of Serpents Rest have no specific focus, they typically prefer the realms of Spring, Autumn, and Day due to the rituals in Imperial lore that can support fleets.

Temple of the Prismatic Eye

The Prismatic Eye
  • Purpose: Temple
  • Region: Ventosi
  • Apothegm: To be the Eye that Seeks, ever Vigilant, scouring the darkness.

The Temple of the Prismatic Eye sits in one of the deepest parts of the Ventosi Valley, away from the more lofty spires and surrounded by trees. Initially, the Temple was a waystation for ancient travellers but new roads and methods of transport have left the paths nearby unused, the perfect site for a hidden sword scholar retreat. The Temple exists both to extol the beliefs of Sulemaine and to defend Urizen from threats within and without.

The primary goal is in keeping watch, with many of the members making expeditions to periodically cull the dangerous beasts and orcs that populate the lowlands and to watch for signs of heresy and sin amongst the people. They believe that it is through individual reflection, study and training that true believers achieve the greatest heights. They liken their individuality to light streaming through a prism. Pure light is made from individual colours coming together in balance, a spectrum of experiences which let the individual excel among their peers.

Currently, the Temple’s goals remain set on returning Urizen’s lost territories and setting the people back onto a logical and individualistic path. They are also outspoken critics of the sentinels, who have failed in the defence of Urizen and turned their backs on its people, and of the Citadel Guard, who they see to have been mismanaged, underutilised in aid of Urizeni interests.

Spires of Spiral

Those spires that remain in Spiral do so in a territory assigned to the League and that has a malign force that squats at the centre of the territory.

Academy of the Southern Shore

  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Apulus
  • Arbiter: Letho Southshore.

The Academy of the Southern Shore is a prominent teaching institution aimed towards young magicians of Urizen. Its students range in ages from the youngest children to young imperial citizens, who spend time at the Academy in order to refine their arete. The spire itself is built on the slopes overlooking Apulus. The spire has been known to take in refugees, sometimes those of other nations who arrive from the seas.

The Academy specialises in the magic of the Night realm, though all ritual arts are studied there. Teachers encourage students to pursue religious and martial skills if desired. The academy is well known for an unusual pedagogy which emphases the use of the ritual Cast Off the Chain of Memory. Through the use of this ritual the students and the teachers of the Academy seek to remove “distracting” experiences that cause them to suffer a loss of poise or divert attention from their Arete.

The spire has also become well-known, particularly within Anvil for its unconventional approach to the tradition of astromancy, notably calling on the constellation of The Oak as The Palm. For this reason a Palm Tree has become a more identifiable symbol of the Spire (especially in Anvil) than the official Sigil.

The Spire closed its public doors following the awakening of the Black Plateau and lost many of its students. In the wake of this tragedy members of the Spire first travelled to Anvil, since this fateful step the Academy has slowly been returning to strength.

Ankarien banner.jpg
The Great Library of Ankarien

The Great Library of Ankarien

  • Purpose: Arcane spire
  • Region: Ankra
  • Apothegm: The light of a single flame may illuminate a thousand steps along the way
  • Arbiter: Maximillian Ankarien

Ankarien is one of the largest and most venerable spires in Spiral, with the date of its founding lost in pre-Imperial history. It is traditionally organised around its Great Library, which was once one of the most significant centres of learning and education in Urizen. It has long been politically active, sending delegates to the Grand Conclaves for as long as they have existed and eventually giving rise to Emperor Nicovar Ankarien. Unfortunately, Ankarien was one of Nicovar’s most prominent targets and suffered terrible destruction at his hands, its collections of books decimated.

After Nicovar’s fall, the Library dedicated itself to rebuilding, restoring some of its former glory, but when the Grendel invasion of Spiral came, Ankarien found itself unprepared and the inhabitants fled with what volumes they could carry to Endsmeet while the sentinels bought time with their lives. Since then, Ankarien has been a prominent voice for the exiled spires of Spiral, pushing for the reclamation of the lost territory. After a brief spell leading the resettlement of the territory, they now find themselves in exile once again.

Ankarien is mostly focused on politics and learning, with a strong tradition of both magi and stargazers. It has a slightly unusual leadership structure, with the arbiter responsible for the internal affairs of the spire and a maester responsible for wider leadership. It sees itself as leading the reclamation of Spiral and this underpins its entire philosophy, along with a strong sense of its own history and tradition.

The Temple of the White Stork

Temple of the White Stork

  • Purpose: Temple
  • Region: Apulus
  • Apothegm: There is no greater teacher than experience, no greater experience than the duel.
  • Arbiter: Calgacus Apulian

Originally a school of swordplay, the White Stork is defined by its members' odd ideals, viewing single combat as the ultimate expression of, and metaphor for, every aspect of a soul's Way. To engage another in such a manner is to both see and show the essence of those involved without guile or shame. This clear lens held appeal for some, though the Temple's brutal regime, disdain for convention, and anything it considered frivolous - as well as socially manipulative methods - made many more Urizeni wary. A small and elitist group nestled in the mountains of Apulus, just north of the ruins of Apulian, they suffered over this past decade, losing their holdings and retreating over some years to Morrow. Constant battles in defence of refugee caravans in their slow retreat filled their numbers with a curious and grateful mix of souls from across the nation as their laity, and the few surviving scholars continue to pass to them their ideal of a purely logical, perfectly poised paragon of skill.

When this eclectic band of itinerants gathers at Anvil, they seem to focus on providing tuition and guidance to individuals from other nations, functioning as instructors, advisors and confidantes to many influential persons. Some say this allows them to influence others positively towards Urizen as well as identify those who threaten it. The Stork watches, and chooses when to strike.

Sunshaper Design 7.png
Sunshaper Citadel

Sunshaper Citadel

  • Purpose: Citadel
  • Region: Ossuary
  • Apothegm: The light of day still shines throughout the darkest nights.
  • Arbiter: Eridion Sunshaper

Built high upon the hills of the Ossuary region, Sunshaper Citadel stood as a point of safety for scholars seeking extended expeditions to the many buried bones of unknown origin in the region. With many smiths complementing the high sentinel populace befitting of a citadel, it held many amicable trade alliances with other nations, notably the League in Sarvos, trading arms for coin in the name of Prosperity.

After the site of the Citadel was desolated by the Druj, the inhabitants of Sunshaper Citadel have evacuated out of Spiral. Their objective is to gather support from across the Empire for the reclamation of Spiral and rebuilding of the Urizeni infrastructure there. They seek to carry the message of Vigilance across the Empire, bolstering the resolve of others that have lost their way and hope to find a path back home. They endeavour to resolve disputes and miscommunications between those in Anvil, to provide a unified Imperial view towards objectives and quell infighting wherever possible. Thanks to Sunshaper's sundering, its members are currently found as advisors and martial aides to those across the nation, with intent to rally those they surround themselves with towards the citadel’s motives.

Spires of Zenith

Hope's Cultivar

Hope's Cultivar.png
Hope's Cultivar
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Proceris
  • Apothegm: What we sow today shall be reaped tomorrow as a brighter future
  • Arbiter: Valantinian Hope-Tender

The spire was founded in 384YE immediately after the expulsion of the Druj from Zenith. Hope's Cultivar is built from the ruins of a small citadel constructed right at the peak of a mountain in northern Proceris. Chosen for its high location and reservoir fed by fresh snow melt to try avoid the very worst of the region's poisons and curses.

The Spire attracts architects, herbalists and those whose arete lies in agriculture. Their goal is to play a part in the restoration of Zenith and apply the pillar of reason to the growing of plants. Five towers rise into the sky, each intended to try to maintain a different climate. Within the towers trials are run in an attempt to try to understand agriculture better.

Lapis Heights

Lapis Heights.jpg
Lapis Heights
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Occursion
  • Apothegm: Question what is known completely, to stop searching is to never know what was missed
  • Arbiter: Juno of Lapis Heights

Nestled among the hills of Occursion, the Lapis Heights spire guards a humble yet proud history. Originally named for the mana crystal deposits at its base that drew in settlers with their rich blue colouring, it later became known for its production of high quality parchment. The lotus trees that thrive in the area create a durable, delicate paper which is much sought after. The art of papermaking survives, and it is traditional for members of the spire to give gifts and letters in the form of folded paper flowers and animals.

Lapis Heights overlooks the lakes of Bountiful Autumn and benefits from its magic through its small collection of Autumn mages. This combined with its history of cultivating mana crystal and artisanship has steeped the spire in the business of production and trade. Despite this display of Prosperity, Lapis Heights does not lean heavily towards any one virtue, having been founded by philosophers of the Way among others.

During the Druj invasion Lapis Heights suffered devastating losses and was considered lost or disbanded for a time. A group of survivors have begun the effort to return to and rebuild the spire, and are taking the opportunity to reinvent its values. Calling back to their philosopher ancestors, the new Lapis Heights strives to discover new ways of experiencing Virtue and hearth magic, and support the exploration of experimental magics.

Pioneer's Peak

Pioneer's Peak.png
Pioneer's Peak
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Proceris
  • Apothegm: Together, we find everything we need.
  • Arbiter: Isaac of Pioneer's Peak

Pioneer's Peak was founded during the Winter of 384YE, after the Imperial reclamation of Zenith from the Druj, in an effort to build on the legacy of the Arch of the Sky, after its loss.

This arcane spire is now home to those who pursue the understanding of magic and astronomancy as the highest form of arete. They endeavour to study and use magic - primarily, but not exclusively, Autumn magic - to accomplish ideals of mutual aid, aiming for magic to be used for the improvement of the lives of all.

Those who study at Pioneer's Peak are mostly stargazers - with some mages or seers - who hold a mutual belief in the power of the collective. A pioneer stands on the shoulders of giants - likewise, the path to improvement (be it arete, virtue, or truth) is never walked alone, with the magic they study reflecting this. They are less interested in individual power or singular great acts, than they are in small actions, amplified and replicated by scope and time.


Starsong Spire.png
Starsong Spire
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Proceris
  • Apothegm: To the songs that guide us, and the stars that light the way
  • Arbiter: Serenus Starsong

Starsong is known for its stargazers, bards and artists, all of whom share a passion for the constellations and astronomancy, using the essence of the stars to achieve their goals.

The spire was formed to focus arete in the creative arts and combine the knowledge of the stars as a muse for their creative works; whether that’s in a painting, a song, a performance, a poem or even just thinking outside of the box.

Starsong had a small spire hidden away amongst the collection of spires in the Arch of the Sky until the Druj came and razed it to the ground. The few members that managed to survive are now active in Anvil, and work on rebuilding the spire to its former glory.

The Wanderer (Illus.)

Temple of the Wanderer

  • Purpose: Sword Scholar Temple
  • Region: Occursion
  • Apothegm: Greater knowledge equals greater precision. Find more locus points, gather more strings of influence and perfect your net of prediction.
  • Arbiter: Cato Hypation

Once a secretive temple dedicated to The Wanderer and to understanding the inexorable powers of Fate. The few privileged enough to be invited tell tales of a central chamber that was home to a never-ending great tapestry which was carefully added to and edited daily. With the critical analysis of Sulemaine's legacy, and the sundering of the Sword Scholar movement, came more inner reflection.

“If you love a thing, be prepared to destroy it. Only then are you strong enough to protect it.”

Having played a part in sundering their movement their Abriter Nemo has declared; “It is time to prove we are strong enough to protect true Virtue from false.” Shortly before the Winter Solstice 385YE the House of the Wanderer decamped from their temple in Morrow and set up a new temple in a haunted old ruin on the Zenith side of the Mislitel Pass. Whilst they still have a keen interest in Fate, for now they are focusing their attention on Tsark.

Tropaion Citadel

Tropaion Citadel.png
Tropaion Citadel
  • Purpose: Citadel
  • Region: Proceris
  • Apothegm: Utopia, no matter the cost
  • Arbiter: Ubarius

Tropaion Citadel sits in Proceris, astride the Twilight Gate, peering into Spiral. Built at the earliest opportunity following the scourging of Druj from Zenith, its two imposing towers sit on each side of the pass. Connected by thin wooden bridges, the residents of each tower use these areas to practice against each other, resulting in a jocular internal rivalry.

At Anvil, the Tropaion mission is clear. To espouse and extol the arete of the sentinel in all of its forms. To advance the holy utopic mission of Urizen. To assist their magic using counterparts to the best of their ability. To eradicate weakness and vulnerability from their nation, lest it ever fall to barbarian hands again.

Zenith Ascendant

Zenith Ascendant.jpg
Zenith Ascendant
  • Purpose: Arcane Spire
  • Region: Occursion
  • Apothegm: To build beyond the highest point
  • Arbiter: Esteban Ezmara of Zenith Ascendant

The Spire formed in 383YE from a number of Highborn citizens from Reikos moving to Urizen, inviting people to temporary holdings in Redoubt whilst the Druj were expelled from Zenith. At the end of that campaign the Spire formally moved to the mountains near the shores of Bountiful Autumn in Occursion and began construction of their new spire.

The Spire is formed around a significant number of Autumn magicians, and although individuals follow their own virtues the Spire as a whole is a Prosperity sect, with those who join swearing an oath to work hard and bring prosperity to Zenith after the devastation wrought by the Druj. The Spire values it's architects highly; artifice and construction held in as much esteem as magic by many members. Indeed, all the efforts of the Spire focus around the restoration and improvement of Zenith, to once more see it ascendant in the Empire.


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