Night Magnitude 4

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a character, who must be present throughout. The target must be willing. If they are unwilling or unaware of the purpose of the ritual, it fails.


During the ritual the target must describe an event, location, or person they wish to forget; alternatively they may select a specific day and forget everything that happened during it between sunrise and sunrise the next day.

At the conclusion of the ritual, the unwanted memory is wiped away. The character no longer remembers it. This is not an enchantment - the memory has simply ceased to exist. The character will remember that this ritual was used, but will quickly cease to remember what it was they wished to forget unless reminded by another character.


This ritual frees the target from the weight of unwanted memories and the emotions that accompany them. The ritual might remove the memory of an event - a battle, a murder, a conversation with a person or a betrayal, for example. It might remove all memories to do with a specific person, or connected to a place, or it might remove the memory of a terrible, painful day. Sometimes the excised memory leaves residue behind - for example someone who forget the day of their wedding will still remember their spouse, although they may become confused as they will be unable to remember a marriage. Likewise, a character who forgets their spouse may still have a dim recollection of a wedding day, especially the parts of it that involved other people, and may become confused if reminded that it was their own wedding day.

This ritual is used as a way to treat traumatic experiences and some emotional wounds. Knowingly aiding a criminal by wiping away memories of illegal actions that are still under investigation by the Imperial authorities sometimes leads to the ritualists being brought before a magistrate as accomplices or accessories.

Common Elements

Masks or items that represent the memory to be removed are often used, and may be shattered during the ritual. Sometimes a mirror is used to capture the reflection of the target as they describe the memory they no longer wish to remember. Often a Kallavesi ritual will involve a posset or nostrum that causes the target to fall asleep after they have described the memory they wish to lose, and when they awaken the memory has gone like chalk-marks in the rain.

Among the Highborn, and those few Imperial Orcs who have mastered this ritual, the memory will often be written down rather than spoken aloud, and the piece of writing destroyed or buried. A Highborn target will often bring pages from their journal describing a period or event they wish to forget and ceremonially burn them or destroy them in water. A Freeborn or Navarr ritual is likely to involve fire and sometimes ash, which may be used to mark the body of the target with swirling, designs. Hypnotic dancing and music may also be used, to relax the mind and allow the unwanted memory to slip peacefully away.

The Diras and Xun rules are often used, but sometimes the runes Aesh, Hirmok or Cavul may be employed to help with the mastery of the mind, or the purity of memories.