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  • The income from the Principle of Proportions was 261 mana.
  • The remainder from previous seasons was 4 mana.

The members of each order in attendance at the end of the previous summit determine precedence for the following summit according to the Principle of Precedence. The income of mana following the previous summit is listed above and was distributed as per the table below. This left 3 mana, which will be added to the font of the next summit along with the income from the Principle of Proportions at this summit.

Grandmaster of the Order of the Rod and Shield193573
Grandmaster of the Order of the Sevenfold Path276463
Grandmaster of the Order of the Shuttered Lantern369422
Grandmaster of the Order of the Golden Pyramid456342
Grandmaster of the Order of the Silver Chalice556341
Grandmaster of the Order of the Unfettered Mind651311
Grandmaster of the Order of the Celestial Arch730181

Friday Declarations

Concord: Summer Children

  • Raised by: Leo of the Auric Horizon
  • Declaration: That the biographies and deeds of the Summer Children should be recorded for the future in Phaleron as well as mundane libraries.
  • Outcome: Passed

Imperial Lore: Muffled Oar

  • Raised by: Lucius Ankarien Willstone
  • Declaration: To accept the Muffled Oar into Imperial Lore.
  • Outcome: Passed; ritual text and payment provided.

Concord: Expand power of Grandmaster

  • Raised by: Clérabéla Vicente
  • Declaration: Intent to ask the Senate to expand the powers of a Grandmaster to include the ability to raise an "Accusation of Recklessness" after the resolution of a Declaration (ie after votes are counted) that questions the preceding Declaration should be branded as reckless. This results in an immediate straight majority vote (no discussions) as to whether Conclave agrees. If it does agree, the Speaker for the Reckless Declaration must pay an additional mana to speak in Conclave for a season. If it disagrees, the Grandmaster who raised the accusation suffers that punishment instead.
  • Outcome: Failed

Concord: Punish Sorcerers More

  • Raised by: Clérabéla Vicente
  • Declaration: To add to the punishment of being labelled a sorcerer that sorcerers may not vote in conclave.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord: Droughts

  • Raised by: Laelius
  • Declaration: To form a broad consensus on the Conclave's response to the current droughts
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord: List of Crimes

  • Raised by: Brynn Ashenspire
  • Declaration: That the Magistrates should publish a list of recommended punishments for magical crimes.
  • Outcome: Failed

Concord: Conclusion

  • Raised by: Morwenna Winterbuilt
  • Declaration: That Saturday conclave should be concluded in good time, to allow preparations for Siakha's heralds.
  • Outcome: Passed

Reconcilliation : Dr Tolame

  • Raised by: Melkjor
  • Declaration: Dr Tolame of the scions of Ravensfell should no longer be considered a socerer and should have their name removed from list of active sorcerers.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Sanctuary

  • Raised by: Archmage Luke
  • Declaration: Those fleeing persecution in the Iron Confederacy can seek refuge in the Empire - provided they willingly convert to the Way.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Marshstand Skerry

  • Raised by: Lutobor Branislavovich Glinka
  • Declaration: Conclave respectfully asks Wise Rangara to displace Agramant and take patronage of the hollow stone at Marshstand Skerry.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Juha

  • Raised by: Anastasiya Volkov
  • Declaration: Juha the Cave Spider, lion of Varushka, is an inspirational mage.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Partial Interdiction

  • Raised by: Bacauda Netherwatch
  • Declaration: This Conclave believes that it should have the power to place magical rituals under a new designation, which would make performing the ritual illegal unless approved by a specified process.
  • Outcome: Failed

Interdiction: Silencing the Regio

  • Raised By: Bacauda Netherwatch
  • Declaration: The casting of the ritual Wind of Mundane Silence targeting the Imperial Regio.
  • Outcome: Passed
  • Additional Note: This specific interdiction is within the legal powers of the Conclave because damage to the Imperial regio has massive implications for both the Conclave and the entire Empire. It should not be taken to mean that interdiction of other rituals used in specific ways will pass scrutiny.

Concord : Syrene

  • Raised By: Raewynn Farkas
  • Declaration: That conclave believes the Silver Chalice should answer the call for help from Syrene and that mages of the Order should help those affected by the floods.
  • Outcome: Passed

Saturday Declarations


  • Raised By: Fausta Ankarien
  • Declaration: That the magical rituals offered by the Commonwealth be given to the Guildmaster of the Silver Chalice.
  • Outcome: Failed

Interdiction: Certainty of Doubt

  • Raised By: Rafael Barossa di Tassato
  • Declaration: Certainty of Doubt.
  • Outcome: Passed

Interdiction: Chastise the Foolish

  • Raised By: Rafael Barossa di Tassato
  • Declaration: Chastise the Foolish.
  • Outcome: Passed

Reconciliation: Evander Slak

  • Raised By: Rafael Barossa di Tassato
  • Declaration: Evander Slak
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord: Grandmaster Funding

  • Raised By: Abel
  • Declaration: Conclave believes that Grandmasters should fund the expansion of their ministries in accordance with the Principle of Proportions.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Thank Eleonaris

  • Raised By: Tabris son of Armisael
  • Declaration: The Conclave demand the Senate - this the Empire - give thanks for the aid offered by Eleonaris through the use of Knights of Glory by building a folly - a statue featuring Imperial heroes fighting alongside the Knights of Glory stating "with thanks in friendship and Pride"
  • Outcome: Passed

Dissemination : Wardens of the Black Waste

  • Raised By: Kali Keeneye
  • Declaration: The ritual "Wardens of the Black Waste" to Kali Keen-eye of the Saker for pilgrim shields
  • Outcome: Passed and paid

Reconciliation : Aquillian

  • Raised By: Annora Endsmeet-Ankarian
  • Declaration: A declaration of reconciliation for Aquillian, to remove his status as sorcerer
  • Outcome: Passed

Interdiction: Curse of Decrepitude

  • Raised By: Rafael Barossa di Tasssato
  • Declaration: Interdiction of Curse of Decrepitude
  • Outcome: Failed

Concord: Burn Ulnak

  • Raised By: Lutobor Branislavovich Glinxa
  • Declaration: Conclave asks Surut to burn the Oerwealt in the forest of Ulnak
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord: Warmage

  • Raised By: Aesa Sieging
  • Declaration: Conclave would have the Senate divide the duties of the Warmage into two titles defined as follows: The Warmage shall advise the members of the military council and have one free Conclave address per summit. The Imperial warcaster shall coordinate the casting of magical assistance for the armies of the Empire and is granted one Military Council address and one free Conclave address, per summit.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord: Thank Sadogua

  • Raised by: Lucius Ankarien Willstone
  • Declaration: Conclave thanks Sadogua for their work brokering and facilitating the exchanging of rituals with other nations, in particular the exchange for Muffled Oar.
  • Outcome: Passed

Imperial Lore : Unending Onslaught

  • Raised by: Ematius
  • Declaration: Unending Onslaught to be added to Imperial Lore
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Amend Magus

  • Raised by: Brynn Ashenspire
  • Declaration: Senate should amend the powers of the Imperial magus to include the power of proposal in Senate
  • Outcome: Failed

Concord : Reonciliation Change

  • Raised by: Brynn Ashenspire
  • Declaration: Unique interdicted items being reconciled should be returned to their original owner
  • Outcome: Failed

Neutrality : Prospero

  • Raised by: Edmundo
  • Declaration: With thanks, we the Conclave return Lord Prospero to neutrality as agreed
  • Outcome: Passed

Endownment : Commonwealth Rituals

  • Raised by: Skywise Gralka
  • Declaration: The conclave decides that the ritual text offered to disseminate to the conclave orders by the commonwealth that one ritual each should be endowed to the following four orders: Rod and Shield, Unfettered Mind, Celestial Arch, and Golden Pyramid.
  • Outcome: Passed

Concord : Zenith and Zakalwe

  • Raised by: Skywise Gralka
  • Declaration: The Archmage of Day on behalf of the Empire would announce the success of the battle in Zenith and sends gratitude to Zakalwe for this opportunity to work together may there be more in future.
  • Outcome: Passed