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There are two Commonwealth ports available to Imperial characters with the fleet resource; Leerdam in the east and Volkavaar in the west.

Leerdam (Eastern Commonwealth)

In Leerdam the Eastern Commonwealth finds its purest expression; traders from across the sprawling nation come to trade with foreign merchants, while mendicant preachers advocate their strange philosophy of "the greatest good" to visitors and residents alike.

Some of the oldest, and arguably richest, cities of the Commonwealth are found in the east. Leerdam serves as a provincial capital, a center for trade with the rest of the world. Some of the wealthiest people in the Commonwealth are found here, maintaining elaborate townhouses and a lifestyle that might impress an Asavean noble. Following the completion of an embassy in Siroc, a spacious estate on the southern outskirts of the city has been made available to the Imperial civil service, to function as an Imperial embassy to the Commonwealth.

Trade with Leerdam

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Leerdam during downtime will produce 3 doses of bladeroot, 3 ingots of tempest jade, 3 ingots of green iron and 2 measures of beggar's Lye. A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.

Volkavaar (Western Commonwealth)

The mithril spires of Volkavaar are snow-bound all year round. Here the Commonwealth operates its great university of magic and engineering, and the grand Temple of the Common Good serves as a point of pilgrimage for their strange faith.

Over the last century a program of public works has transformed the western provinces from isolated rural communities to integrated towns and cities with all the advantages that Commonwealth artisans can provide. Roads snake through dark pinewoods, sturdy stone bridges span previously unfordable rivers, and walls of white granite encircle most settlements. Flimsy wooden structures increasingly give way to granite and weirwood structures; entire new towns have been constructed to house labourers, carefully planned by the professors of the university of Volkavaar.

The progress of this urbanisation has led to a massive demand for building materials and labour. Quarries for white granite have unearthed rich veins of weltsilver in the hills, and the drive to harvest more and more lumber has opened up hitherto unexploited forests dripping with ambergelt. While many of these resources are turned to the great machine that is the Commonwealth's expansion, the surplus is traded across the world. Prior to Spring 380YE, the port of Volkavaar also sold surplus crystal mana produced in great abundance by the magicians of the western provinces. At that time, however, the emphasis in the port shifted away from mana and toward Artisan's Oil..

Trade with Volkavaar

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Volkavaar during downtime will produce 3 measures of ambergelt, 3 measures of weltsilver and 3 vials of Artisan's Oil. A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.