This marvellous substance restores shattered items.


Every artisan knows how to prepare Artisan's Oil. When applied by someone who understands the complex secrets of creating magic items, Artisan's Oil quickly mends an item that has been damaged by a shattering blow.

This thick, glutinous substance can be stored indefinitely, and is usually contained in bottles, jars, and small pots. In Wintermark, these containers are already being marked with the Rune of Wealth, although several Urizen artificers have expressed a preference for the astronomantic symbol of the Chalice.

The procedure for creating Artisan's Oil was disseminated throughout the Empire in late Autumn and early Winter of 379YE by agents of the Fellowship of Purple Sails. Agents of this relatively young sodality secured the process from representatives of the Commonwealth where it was originally developed. Already, several variations have been tried and tested by imaginative Imperial artisans, resulting in substances closer to a salve, cream, or paste than an oil. Regardless, the substance has the same marvellous properties regardless of the precise materials that go into its creation. Some of the substances are quite expensive, but readily available throughout the Empire. A month of work by an artisan produces three doses of Artisan's Oil, and consumes a crown's worth of materials.

The substance is equally effective at restoring both magical and non-magical items; even an artefact can be fully restored with the application of Artisan's Oil. A magical item repaired with this substance retains all its special properties (although obviously any restricted abilities that have been expended are still used up).

As with the mend spell, Artisan's Oil can be difficult to use in the middle of a fight. The artificer needs several moments to apply the oil, during which time they must handle the item and ensure that all parts are covered with the valuable substance, and avoid being interrupted. Unlike the magical ability of some magicians, however, an artificer can employ Artisan's Oil while fully armoured.

The oil is mildly toxic. If someone were to eat it for some reason, they would suffer painful stomach cramps and constipation.


  • Can only be applied by a character with the artisan skill.
  • Using 10 seconds of appropriate roleplaying the artisan this oil repairs an item, such as a weapon or shield that has been broken using the SHATTER call.
  • The artisan's oil use fails if you or the target item are hit, or used to attack another character, during application. The artisan's oil is not consumed but the roleplaying must be started again.
  • Materials: Crafting Artisan's Oil requires a crown's worth of materials. It takes one month to make three doses of Artisan's Oil.