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That we construct a grand library of Contracts, to be called General Estana's Repository, in the town of Oran, Feroz.

This folly will use one wain of white granite, and will be dedicated to the Eternal Callidus, in payment for which, his heralds will assist the Hakima with the codification of Autumn Rituals.

Note that while we are seeking permission to build now, we will not commence construction until we have a signed contract with the Eternal, or one of his heralds.

Approved by the Civilian Commissioner of the Brass Coast



  • Summer 380YE


  • 1 wain of white granite
  • 2 crowns in labour costs
  • 3 months to construct


Summer 381 YE

Campaign Outcome

  • At this time, there appears to have been no signed contract and so work has not begun.


  • There are concerns with this commission. One of the limitations on a Civilian Commissioner is that "A civilian commissioner cannot commission anything that requires an upkeep" and there is no reference to upkeep in this announcement. A College of magic has significant upkeep costs for the Empire.
  • A folly cannot result in an upkeep for the Empire. Should this commission appear to be creating something that required an upkeep, work would cease and direction from the Imperial Senate would be sought.