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Ice-bound northern Hercynia is a forest territory entirely contained in the Nation of Wintermark. It is an inhospitable place but where the Trods flow so the Navarr travel. The Navarr have made slow but steady inroads here, reclaiming much of the forest from the particularly malicious Vallorn that dwells within it. The territory is harsh, and the Navarr steadings there are often under threat from barbarians.

Minor Settlements


A stone-built steading in the heart of the winter forest, and one of the only places where the Navarr have a number of large forges, built with aid from the Winterfolk. Steinr apprentices are often placed with the Navarri for a time, to learn the working of wood alongside metal. The steading fell to the barbarian orcs in the fall of Skarsind in 372.

Places of Interest

The Gate of Summer

Two huge stones and a top lintel stand in the middle of a clearing, carved about with boar, deer and other game, and symbols representing summer. It is covered in moss, and no-one has ever seen a hint of any magic from it.