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There is only one port available to Imperial characters with the fleet resource; Robec, in the territory of Veroigne. Robec is the site of the grand temple of Evra the Smith.


At the mouth of the river Isoiile, the port-town of Robec is one of the largest settlements in the Iron Confederacy, rivalling Meade in size. It has extensive docks and a fortified keep and a line of sea-defences designed to protect the town from naval assault. After the fort and the port, the largest structure in town is a grand temple to the Suranni god of Smiths, recently expanded with Imperial white granite.

Imperial captains are (somewhat grudgingly) welcomed to this prosperous trading port. Most trade comes from the other Suranni towns along the coast of the Bay of Catazar, and the Sea of Sighs. Imperial visitors often feel as if they are being watched - and most likely they are. The priests of Kavol are particularly alert to ensure that merchants from the Empire do not engage in espionage while on Suranni soil.

Trade with Robec

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Robec during downtime will produce 4 ingots of green iron, 3 measures of ambergelt, 2 doses of cerulean mazzarine, and luxury goods worth 30 rings. A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.