Welcome to the Empire Wiki; here you will be able to find everything you need to know about Empire, the new live roleplaying game from Profound Decisions, which began Easter 2013. We often upload new content to the site, so if you are returning after a break then check the Wiki Updates section for a list of what has changed since your last visit. For up to date in character information head to the recent history page.

The Game


Read our introduction to LRP if you're new to the hobby. Then take a look at the game overview to get an idea of what Empire is all about.

The Nations

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The Empire is composed of nine human nations and the Imperial Orcs. Each culture is detailed on the wiki including advice on costumes.


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All human beings may choose one of the six lineages if they are touched by the Realms. Read how each lineage can shape your character.

The Empire

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Find out about the political structures of the Empire that will allow the players to shape the game world. Also here is information about the Way of Virtue, the unique Imperial Religion.

The World

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The Empire is part of a rich and vibrant campaign setting that includes barbarian enemies, foreign powers and six magical realms as well as their supernatural inhabitants.

The Rules

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Empire uses a simple set of rules that are designed to be fun to play but easy to understand. The rules explain how to make a character and how the game works.