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Empire events feature large battles that take place between the Heroes of the Empire and the barbarians that threaten the borders. These battles see player characters from 4-6 nations facing off against orcs (or other monsters) played by our Skirmish Team and players from the remaining nations. The next day players switch sides, with those who played as their characters monstering and those who monstered playing. If you want to play your character in one of the battles then you must volunteer to monster the other one - otherwise it's not possible for us to provide a challenging battle. Anyone who wishes to can volunteer to monster a battle.


The Imperial Military Council makes a decision on Friday night over which battles they are going to attempt that weekend and which nations will fight on each. This determines the battle opportunity that is available for your character - and which battle you will be expected to monster. Ideally, we hope that the Imperial generals will try to inform as many people as possible of the decisions that have been made, but if you are unsure then ask your Egregore and they can let you know if you are fighting or monstering the next day. The intention is for players who are monstering a battle to not go in character before preparing for battle.

Preparing for monstering starts at 09:30, and we will close Battle Prep at 10:30. The battles all begin at 11:00. Please try and be as prompt as possible.

Getting More Involved

We strive to make monstering as enjoyable as possible, so much so that some players choose to monster both battles if their character is not a combatant. However live roleplaying is ultimately a hobby where much of the enjoyment flows from the act of participating - the more you put into a game - the more enjoyment you can get out of it. Turning up for a battle is the basic minimum expected of everyone who plays a battle - but Empire has been deliberately designed to allow participants to invest in the experience to make the most of monstering for themselves and the other players.

Playing a barbarian lists some of the things that are possible for people who want to get more involved and get the most out of monstering and explains how the game setting is set up to handle this.

Other opportunities

Some events we might have additional chances to monster alongside our Skirmish Team as they deliver our regular skirmish opportunities. These are often larger than normal in size and will see up to 100 player characters engaging in strategic military engagements. For these we need more monsters than our Skirmish Team can provide and therefore we open it up to the wider player base. Where this is an option it will be advertised as part of the Winds of Fortune minor conjunction list prior to the event.

Essential Monstering Rules

Roleplay, Roleplay, Roleplay

You should endeavour to roleplay your blows and injuries as much as possible. The challenge of the battle is set by the actions of the players, the choices they make and the characters set by the battle manager. Your goal is to make the battles and the fighting as atmospheric and immersive as possible, by emphasizing the roleplaying of the fights.

Roleplay Heroic Blows

Do not deliberately aim heroic blows at hands and feet, while they are valid targets under the rules, they are not credible locations for a heroic blow under the spirit of the rules. As a barbarian your goal is to emphasize the heroic nature of this blow, by aiming a suitable strike at the torso or limbs of your enemy.

Remain IC and Support Immersion

If you are unsure whether you were affected by a heroic ability or spell, then take the effect. The battle will be cooler for everyone if you react to the actions of the Imperials rather than arguing over whether an arrow hit a steel plate or leather instead.

Play the Ball, not the Player

As a barbarian your role is to provide an amazing challenge for the players who are playing their character, but it is important to stress that you are there to bring their adversaries to life, not to beat the players or kill characters. You must roleplay as a barbarian according to your brief and follow the instructions of your leaders and referees. It is up to the Imperial characters to win or lose the battle.

Pay it Forwards

Don't forget that as a barbarian you are there for the enjoyment of the Imperials as well, if you give them a great fight with amazing roleplay, they will want to do exactly the same for you.

Roleplay Warriors, not Murderers

Under no account should you use the execute call unless specifically briefed to do so by a member of the battle team. In general barbarians do not stop to execute fallen opponents while the fight is still ongoing. Forces like the Jotun in particular are noted for their honourable behaviour, allowing their enemies to withdraw if defeated and taking hostages.

If the Imperial forces engage in widespread butchery, murdering barbarians who have fallen, then we will respond accordingly by providing our dedicated NPC crew with instructions to retaliate against the murderers.

It is not helpful for player volunteers to execute player-characters under any circumstances, as this damages the trust in the volunteer system that is essential to the game.

Do not Loot the Fallen

Do not loot fallen Imperial characters unless specifically briefed to do so by a referee. In general barbarians are focussed on defeating their enemy and winning the battle, not collecting loot. In some battles specific NPCs from our dedicated monster team will be instructed to loot fallen characters for their wealth.

It is not helpful for player volunteers to loot player-characters under any circumstances, like execution, this damages the trust in the volunteer system that is essential to the game.

Non Combatants

If you are affected by health issues that limit the roles that you can portray on the battlefield, then please make sure you let someone from the Profound Decisions crew know. Everyone who plays their character on the battlefield needs to volunteer to help with another battle, but there are a wide range of different roles that are available. Everyone has a chance to get involved and help create a great battle for their fellow players.

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