The following is a summary of Conclave proceedings during the Spring Equinox 380 YE.

The Imperial Titles of the Conclave

The full list of Imperial Titles held in the Conclave at the end of the Spring Equinox, 380 YE can be found under 380YE Spring Equinox Imperial titles.

The following Imperial Titles were appointed by the Conclave during the Spring Equinox, 380YE:

Conclave Addresses

At the Summit, the following addresses were placed on the Conclave agenda:

Day Speaker Nature of Address
Fri Kyra Halcyon The Stars
Fri Jabin Endsmeet The Mageblood Potion
Fri Vaan, Warmage On the Progress of the War
Fri Vaan On the Future
Fri Ancel Steward To thank the Conclave for allowing us to be Vigilant and protect the Empire.
Fri Catalina Novarian Oversight of magical items sold through the Bourse
Fri Vuktle Wolfeater The landing location of the Nameless Star
Fri Leif Arnbjorn Signs and Reports
Fri Alcuin Shatterspire Spring and Reikos
Fri Ludmilla Lashonar the amazing and a permanent caucus
Sat Lisabetta von Holberg, Imperatrix Things have changed. They need to change more.
Sat Simargl Magic and Faith
Sat Aquillian On the Phoenix and its heart
Sat Aquillian Redirecting the falling star
Sat Sam Plumptre Karim's Dealings with the Autumn Realm
Sat Andreus Gremani Summer Matters
Sat Achilles The Lord of the Slumbering Mountain
Sat Brother Luke Summer College Matters
Sat Finn Finnsson The Death of the Imperial Seer
Sat Mord, Archmage of Day Day Matters
Sat Maurice, Archmage of Autumn Realm of Serious Business
Sat Luciano, Archmage of Night The Brass Coast, Wrong rituals, lots of mana, sad times.
Sat Heilyn Bronwen's Rest On the matter of Meraud's Boon
Sat Vitore van Temeschwar Sinecures with extra abilities
Sat Vaan Summer Matters
Sat Garth Update about the position for Custodian of the Great Library of Phaeleron
Sat Eternal Sadogua Amity and Enmity
Sat Ludmilla Koslov Lashonar's Caucus - the non-Conclave parts of the Caucus agreement

Conclave Declarations

The Conclave made the following Declarations:

Day Speaker Declaration Outcome
Fri Alexi Grimani Candidacy for Master of Ice and Darkness FAILED
Fri Kyra Halcyon Concord: That Halcyon Spire of Urizen is best suited to overseeing the Spire of Twisting Shadows PASSED
Fri Maurice de Gauvain Concord: That the Conalve believes that an appropriate name for the current unnamed Red Star is "The Miscreant". (But see below.) PASSED
Fri Brother Luke Candidacy for Master of Ice and Darkness PASSED
Fri Heilyn of Bronwen's Rest That Heilyn Brownwen's Rest will organise the ordering of rituals while Meraud's Boon is in effect tomorrow. PASSED
Fri Iobhar Ergruk Candidacy for Master of Ice and Darkness FAILED
Fri Asenath Enmity against Sadogua FAILED
Fri Andreaus Adding "From the Mouths of Babes" to Imperial Lore PASSED
Fri Martin Orchard Concord: This Conclave recognises the efforts of all who aided in the unmasking of the House de Luisignan Anarchy Cult, and encourages virtuous citizens to show their prosperity by donating mana to the Virtue Fund to reward such efforts. PASSED
Fri Gancius della notte di Sarvos Amity with Roshanwe PASSED
Fri Velushka A position should be created that will have access to the Bourse private auction list and the power to raise a free interdiction in Conclave. PASSED
Fri Gancius della notte di Sarvos That the law should be amended to officially grant Archmages the power to treat with Eternals of their relevant realm currently under emnity. PASSED
Fri Brother Luke of the Shattered Tower EMERGENCY MOTION - Concord: The Red Star should instead be named "Stalker". PASSED
Sat Lev Neutrality for Gilean, Herald of Llofir PASSED
Sat Gregor Neutrality for Sadogua PASSED
Sat Luciano Concord: Senate to Shoulder some burden in magic for the good of the Empire FAILED
Sat Ricardo Concord: Conclave supports all imperial mages in the trade in mage with any Faraden citizens, BUT Conclave as an Imperial body will not support any Faraden family above or below any other. FAILED
Sat Zephaniah Sorcery: That Guillermo, formerly di Tassato, who has renounced his nation and Empire and stolen a powerful boon, be declared a sorcerer. Passed
Sat Finn Finsson Candidacy for Imperial Seer Passed
Sat Faustus Concord: That anyone who attempts to cast non-scrying rituals upon the meteor without consent from at least 2 Grandmasters should be considered to be performing a gross mis-use of magic and should be considered for sorcery.
Sat Zephaniah Concord: The Conclave requests an opportunity to speak with the Eternal Sorin on a matter of great importance. PASSED
Sat Faustus Under Veil of Night, as Concord:To extend the definition of sorcery to proscribe the use, ownership or possession of ritual staves, foci, covenstones, crystaline mana, vis, and anything if similar properties, items that have passed from a realm into the Empire, potions whose primary purpose is to aid or enhance the performance of rituals. Proscribed items are to be placed in the Vault at the Conclave for use by the Will of the Conclave. Regalia (tools of office) are not covered by this proscription. PASSED
Sat Heilyn Bronwen's Rest Candidacy for Warmage FAILED
Sat Solomon Candidacy for Archmage of Summer PASSED
Sat Faustus Concord: The Conclave are interested in continuing talks with the Eternal Murit, and striking a deal between themselves and the Empire. PASSED
Sat Nicholas Reaper Sorcery: Deidre of Overton, currently resident in Marshcutt in Bregasland PASSED
Sat Ludmilla Concord: That we agree we are happy for a gift of 25 dragonbone to be given to Lashonar in exchange for the use of the Caucus and will commission a portrait or symbol of Lashonar to be placed in the Hall of the Worlds whilst the Empire is willing to use to Caucus. Conclave will continue to support those in the Empire who will take a diplomatic route towards conflict resolution. The Empire understand this will only last as long as a Pauper's Ley is provided once a year to Lashonar to invite a non-magician to visit them.
Sat Gancius Candidacy for Archmage of Day FAILED
Sat Mord Candidacy for Archmage of Day PASSED
Sat Maurice de Gauvain Concord: That Hercynia is a suitable place to drop a star PASSED
Sat Aubrietta de Gauvain Candidacy for Archmage of Summer FAILED

Conclave Gambits

The Conclave made the following Gambits:

Day Proposer Intended Use of Resources Mana Ilium Am BL Dr GI IG Or TJ We Funded CA GP RS SP SL UM Indep
Fri Maurice de Gauvain, Archmage of Autumn Two castings of Brotherhood of Tian. 120 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FUNDED. 20 20 20 20 20 20 0
Fri Vaan, Warmage To create a Vagabond Wyrm, allowing more casting of Night magic by those who assist in the War Effort.. 0 0 9 7 5 0 15 0 7 0 FUNDED. 0 9 Ambergelt, 7 Beggar's Lye 2 Dragonbone, 2 Tempest Jade 3 Dragonbone 5 Tempest Jade 8 Iridescent Gloaming 0
Fri Finn Finnson, Proxy Archmage of Day Divination magicks 115 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FUNDED. 7 19 19 18 20 14 0.
Fri Alcuin Shatterspire, Archmage of Spring House of Seven Mirrors precautionary reward for curses on the Empress 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FAILED 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sat Archmage of Day Pauper Key - permanent 0 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PASSED 2 5 2 0 7 4 0
Sat Luciano, Acting Archmage of Night Protection and Shrouding against the Thule 35 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PASSED 0 0 3 14 18 0 0
Sat Maurice Archmage of Autumn Moving the Miscreant, Sorry I Mean Stalker 150 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PASSED 10 36 9 20 25 38 12
Fri Sirrus, Archmage of Winter Quickening Cold Meat 120 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PASSED 10 0 9 60 20 15 6

Order Strengths

The strengths of the six Orders at the Conclave this summit were as follows:

Order Friday Strength Saturday Strength Total Strength
Sevenfold Path 17 23 40
Rod & Shield 26 20 46
Celestial Arch 13 13 26
Golden Pyramid 32 11 43
Shuttered Lantern 25 20 45
Unfettered Mind 19 18 37

Order Vaults

The contents of the Order Vaults at the beginning and end of Conclave this summit were as follows:

Celestial Arch

Material Beginning End
Mana 67 2
Ilium 0 0
Ambergelt 7 0
Beggar's Lye 0 0
Dragonbone 7 7
Green Iron 0 0
Iridescent Gloaming 23 23
Orichalcum 3 3
Tempest Jade 24 24
Weltsilver 0 0

Shuttered Lantern

Material Beginning End
Mana 112 9
Ilium 7 0
Ambergelt 0 0
Beggar's Lye 0 0
Dragonbone 0 0
Green Iron 0 0
Iridescent Gloaming 2 2
Orichalcum 4 4
Tempest Jade 20 15
Weltsilver 17 17
3 Hearthfire Crystals

Sevenfold Path

Material Beginning End
Mana 132 0
Ilium 6 6
Ambergelt 0 0
Beggar's Lye 15 15
Dragonbone 6 8
Green Iron 0 0
Iridescent Gloaming 30 30
Orichalcum 3 3
Tempest Jade 0 0
Weltsilver 0 0

Rod & Shield

Material Beginning End
Mana 60 0
Ilium 3 1
Ambergelt 0 0
Beggar's Lye 13 13
Dragonbone 4 2
Green Iron 0 0
Iridescent Gloaming 1 1
Orichalcum 21 21
Tempest Jade 3 1
Weltsilver 0 0

Golden Pyramid

Material Beginning End
Mana 75 0
Ilium 5 0
Ambergelt 25 16
Beggar's Lye 25 18
Dragonbone 0 0
Green Iron 0 0
Iridescent Gloaming 17 10
Orichalcum 28 28
Tempest Jade 0 0
Weltsilver 0 0

Unfettered Mind

Material Beginning End
Mana 117 30
Ilium 4 0
Ambergelt 0 0
Beggar's Lye 3 3
Dragonbone 0 0
Green Iron 0 0
Iridescent Gloaming 19 11
Orichalcum 3 3
Tempest Jade 30 30
Weltsilver 15 15