Precedence and the Font

  • The basic font at this summit was 122 mana.
  • The income from the Principle of Proportions was 155 mana.
  • The remainder from previous seasons was 3 mana.

The members of each order in attendance at the end of the previous summit determine precedence for the following summit according to the Principle of Precedence. The income of mana following the previous summit is listed above and was distributed as per the table below. This left 5 mana, which will be added to the font to be divided at the end of the next summit along with the income from the Principle of Proportions at this summit.

Rod and Shield178603
Golden Pyramid276583
Shuttered Lantern374572
Sevenfold Path453402
Unfettered Mind531231
Celestial Arch627201
Silver Chalice723171


The Imperial Titles of the Conclave

The full list of Imperial Titles held in the Conclave at the end of the summit can be found here.

The following Imperial Titles were declared by the Conclave during the summit.

In meetings of the members of the appropriate orders, the following Grandmasters were appointed.

  • Grandmaster of the Golden Pyramid: Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato, the incumbent
  • Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path: Zephaniah of Highguard, the incumbent

Changes of Sorcery

  • Ancel Steward and Arlen Weaver were reconciled with the Conclave

Changes of Amity and Enmity

  • The eternal Surut received amity.
  • The eternal Adamant received amity.
  • The eternal Sadogua received amity.
  • The eternal Irra Harah received enmity

Conclave Declarations

Records show that seven declarations were made during the Friday session, and fifteen were made during the Saturday session. The details of these declarations and their outcomes were as follows: when a declaration is not one of Concord, its text may have been edited for standardisation purposes.

Friday Session

Speaker Declaration of... The Imperial Conclave declares Outcome
Kyra of Halcyon Spire Reconciliation Rivers Run Red Failed
Willen of Navarr Amity For Surut Passed
Lucias Kriegheim von Holberg Candidcay Lucias Kriegheim von Holberg to be the new Imperial Censor. Failed
Lord Ramond Remys Concord The Sanctity of Curses Failed
Lord Severin de Rondell Enmity Irra Harah Passed
Kyra of Halcyon Spire Neutrality Mira, Herald of Irra Harah Passed
Kyra of Halcyon Spire Neutrality Kvaasi, Herald of Irra Harah Failed

Saturday Session

The Conclave made the following Declarations:

Speaker Declaration of... The Imperial Conclave declares Outcome
Solomon Amity Adamant Passed
Alejandra i Erigo Concord Conclave re-affirms the right of virtuous magicians to use curses as they see fit. Passed
Saeros Splitroot Concord That the Voice of the Quiet Forest should cast Rivers Run Red on Therunin this season Passed
Emilia Archmage of Winter Amity Sorin Failed
Ingar Candidacy Imperial Censor Passed
Asenath Enmity Eleonaris Failed
Cael Splitroot Dissemination To gift "Bound by common cause" and "Dreams in the witch house" to the Commonwealth Procedural1
Kaisa vieno Magenling Neutrality Arhallogen Passed
Kaisa vieno Magenling Neutrality Llofir Passed
Abel Bursar Concord That Conclave should have the post of Remerberocor. Passed
Zadkiel of Courdefour Neutrality That Irra Harah be made neutral to the Empire Procedural2
Kyra of Halcyon Neutrality Baxshula Herald of Arhallogen Passed
Elyssian of Endsmeet Amity Sadogua Passed
Thomas de Rondell Reconciliation Ancel Steward Passed
Thomas de Rondell Reconciliation Arlene Weaver Passed

Conclave Addresses

Records show that 15 addresses were made during the Friday session, and 8 during the Saturday session. Per protocol, the titles of addresses are not recorded.

Principle of Proportions

204 mana was collected in accordance with the Principle of Proportions. This means that, including the existing remainder, XXX extra mana will be distributed at the next summit along with the basic font.


1. A declaration of dissemination can only be raised for a single ritual text.
2. This declaration did not proceed as a claim was made that it had been fraudulently submitted by another party.