The soldiers came out of the snow to the barricade. Clad in long chain hauberks, their round shields slung from their backs. They flew the banner of Dogri Thulebane, he reminded himself. These were dangerous people, they had made it very plain that they would do what they felt was right whatever the cost.

"Got mail for yah here mate." The Navarri shouted jabbing a thumb at the oxen train behind him loaded with supplies and letters. Surrounding it were more Wintermark families, solders’ and traders. "And some hangers on"

The Crowskeeper at the front smiled, her face was covered in scars and her eyes had a twinkle to them that was either playful or a threat of violence.

"Got a message for you too boy, take it back to the Empire for us eh?" she laughed patting him on the cheek.

"That’s the job" the Navarri nodded as he rubbed his cheek. The other Crowskeepers allowed the caravan to pass.

"Tell ‘em Dogri will talk. Crowskeep, Crowsridge, Skarsind. You come to us - we're not coming south. Piss on Anvil."

The Navarri started to scribble frantically, his fingers fighting stiffness in the cold.

"Tell ‘em, Kali of the Saker and as many Skarsind, or those that was, as can travel with Kali. No Kali? No meeting. Look at me boy." The soldier snapped.

"It had better be Skarsind folk only - and that frayed prick of an ex senator isn’t invited. Break these rules and the meeting finishes. There is no negotiation, no misunderstanding. That is how it is and how it will be."

The Navarri nodded, as she continued "These are the terms, if you break them Dogri walks out and we are done. That means we defend our own borders from here on - from anyone who tires to cross them."

Then she turned and followed the baggage train into the snow singing an old Skarsind battle song cheerfully to herself.

He shook his head, put the note in his pocket and pulled his mittens on. It was a long walk back.


Skarsind. In the south, the Imperial Orcs are engaged in building their nation. In the north, Dogri Thulebane and his supporters continue to occupy Crow's Ridge. As discussed elsewhere, the harshest winter in years has helped prevent the situation deteriorating further - but now that spring is here, and the worst of the snows are over, Winterfolk are again starting to rally to Thane Dogri's banner.

At the Winter Solstice, the stormcrows of Wintermark attempted to call the errant children of Wintermark home with a statement of principle.

"Whilst we commend the courage and conviction of Dogri Thulebane and his fellows, we cannot condone the gathering of forces. We discourage people of Wintermark from travelling to join Thane Dogri and encourage them to settle in Wintermark lands. We are seeking an amicable agreement with Dogri, the Imperial Orcs, and all peoples of the Empire, which will keep the Wintermark traditions of Skarsind alive."

Wintermark national assembly

Despite this judgement however, the Four Seasons Market remains in Wintermark hands. The owner maintains that as no Imperial Orc came to discuss the Market, there was no-one to give it up to. As a result, the Synod judgement has not had the desired effect and with Dogri now looking to talk, further developments are now dependent on the outcome of that meeting.


With the judgement of the Wintermark assembly, a number of stubborn Winterfolk have finally given up and left Skarsind. At the same time however, some of the real die-hards have travelled north to join Dogri. It is impossible to say at this time how many supporters he has gained. The situation is tense, and how the situation continues to develop will depend on the meeting with Thulebane.

The civil service has confirmed that a conjunction exists on the Sentinel Gate to Crowskeep, Crowsridge, during the upcoming Spring Equinox. Examination of the Gate once the Equinox begins will allow the precise time, and the number of citizens who can travel through it, to be narrowed down.


During the Spring Equinox, the Goeki Expanses and the Clattering Gulley are vacant, and will be auctioned by the civil service on Saturday evening.